Is Kyrie Irving a Top Fantasy Choice? Projecting Mavs' 2023-24 Standout


Is Kyrie Irving a Top Fantasy Choice? Projecting Mavs' 2023-24 Standout
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Kyrie Irving, over the span of his 12 seasons in the NBA, has consistently taken fans on a rollercoaster with his jaw-dropping maneuvers on the court. A masterful scorer, a brilliant finisher, and an evolving decision-maker, Irving has been nothing short of a spectacle.

However, an underlying concern for many remains: his unpredictable health. As the Mavericks' shining star edges into the subsequent phase of his career, the pressing question arises: "Is Kyrie Irving an optimal choice for NBA fantasy?" RotoWire expert, Alex Barutha, offers a perspective that might deter enthusiasts.

Irving's track record over the past four seasons reveals an inability to maintain health for over 60 games. Moreover, predicting his performance alongside Luka Doncic gets trickier, especially when considering the ever-present injury risk.

Recent reports, including those from's Alec Sturm, suggest Irving's preseason didn't start on a promising note. Groin soreness has sidelined him from two games, with his status termed "out indefinitely", necessitating further medical evaluation before the season’s commencement.

Irving's Lackluster Debut

However, diving into Irving’s preseason performance against the Minnesota Timberwolves, the statistics are not overly impressive. A meager two points (on 1-of-6 shooting, and missing both his 3-point attempts) and a pair of assists marked his debut.

Considering the hypothetical where Kyrie Irving is a chosen pick for the 2023-24 NBA fantasy, the returns, although uncertain, could be substantial. At 31, Irving's prowess as a scorer is undeniable. Reflecting on his 20-game tenure with the Mavericks in the previous season, he showcased an impressive 27.0 points (at 51.0% shooting, 39.2% from the 3-point territory), 6.0 assists, and 5.0 rebounds per outing.

Irving's proficiency from downtown is remarkable. On certain nights, a powerful offensive onslaught led by both him and Doncic might just be the Mavericks' saving grace, considering the roster's apparent offensive depth issues.

CBS Sports charts Irving's three-year fantasy average at 42.7 points, culminating in over 2,051 points each season. Projections from Number Fire for the 2023-24 period place him at 1,755 points with 362 fantasy assists. In addition to his scoring flair, Kyrie Irving's development as a playmaker shouldn't be overlooked. Renowned not just for putting points on the board, he remains one of the NBA's steadfast facilitating guards.

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