Who's the Powerhouse Behind Adele & LeBron? Meet Rich Paul!


Who's the Powerhouse Behind Adele & LeBron? Meet Rich Paul!
Who's the Powerhouse Behind Adele & LeBron? Meet Rich Paul! © Elsa/Getty Images

In a recent episode of CBS Mornings aired on October 9th, Rich Paul, the influential owner of Klutch Sports Group, candidly opened up about his relationship with globally acclaimed singer, Adele. Responding to Gayle King's questions, Paul remarked, "Gayle, while I usually keep my personal life under wraps, if there's someone I'd share with, it's you.

Adele and I share a profound bond, and it's been a mutually enriching experience." Despite being enigmatic about the current status of their relationship, social media is rife with speculations on whether the two are headed towards marriage.

Probing deeper, Gayle King asked if she should address Adele as "Mrs. Paul" during their next encounter. Paul playfully retorted, "You can say whatever you want."

Paul's Humble Beginnings

But who is Rich Paul? Born in Cleveland, Ohio, to a mother grappling with addiction, Paul's journey from a humble one-bedroom apartment above his father's store to owning one of the most prominent sports agencies is nothing short of inspirational.

Benedictine, a Roman Catholic High School, became the ground where young Paul's potential was nurtured, thanks to his father, Big Rich. Interestingly, Paul's foray into the world of sports management began serendipitously.

While hustling with his throwback jersey business, he caught the attention of LeBron James at Akron-Canton Airport in 2001. The jersey Paul wore triggered a discussion about their shared passions. This chance meeting paved the way for Paul to become LeBron's right-hand man, culminating in the establishment of Klutch Sports Group in 2012.

Today, the agency boasts of representing sports giants like LeBron James, Ben Simmons, and Anthony Davis. On the romantic front, Paul is the first relationship for Adele post her split from Simon Konecki. Their budding romance came to the limelight during a mutual friend's birthday bash.

By summer 2021, whispers of their relationship grew louder, especially when Adele, during an interaction with a fan, hinted at Paul being her significant other. Further adding to his list of accomplishments, Paul launched his memoir titled "Lucky Me: A Memoir of Changing the Odds" on October 10th.

The book provides an intimate look into Paul's life, highlighting challenges like dealing with his mother's addiction. "Lucky Me isn't just my journey. It resonates with every young Black man with a similar upbringing," Paul commented. The memoir, now available for purchase, promises to inspire and motivate readers across the globe.