Is Stephen A. Smith Strategy Truly Unbeatable? Wiley's 'Hypocrite' Claim Examined

Smith's Bold NBA Season Prediction Raises Eyebrows.

by Nouman Rasool
Is Stephen A. Smith Strategy Truly Unbeatable? Wiley's 'Hypocrite' Claim Examined
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In recent developments within the sports broadcasting sphere, renowned television figure Stephen A. Smith shared insights into his career trajectory and the strategic approach he has consistently upheld. His revelations came in response to accusations by former NFL player and sports commentator, Marcellus Wiley, labeling Smith a “hypocrite”.

At the heart of this dispute was Max Kellerman, formerly co-hosting alongside Smith on ESPN's “First Take”. Smith's candid remarks about his somewhat strained rapport with Kellerman became a crazy topic, especially considering Kellerman's departure from the show last year and his recent layoff from the network.

Wiley Challenges Smith

Wiley, in his podcast “More To It,” which recounts his decade-long NFL career and more, opined that Smith's recent comments about Kellerman were contradictory, given the sympathy he expressed for his current co-host, Shannon Sharpe, who faced a similar situation at 'Undisputed' on FS1.

Wiley insinuated that Kellerman's intellectual prowess possibly intimidated Smith, suggesting this might have influenced the latter's desire to sideline Kellerman. Countering these allegations on his program, “The Stephen A.

Smith Show”, Smith dismissed any notions of feeling threatened by Kellerman. He emphasized that he has consistently embraced a learning mindset throughout his professional journey, stating, “You know why I’m not scared? Because either I am just as smart, if not smarter, or I learn from their intelligence and it makes me more intelligent.

So I am always winning”. Although Wiley's criticisms left a bitter taste, Smith professed continued respect for the former footballer, sending him well-wishes. On another note, turning attention to the imminent NBA season, Stephen A.

Smith voiced enthusiasm about the Sacramento Kings' prospects. Citing their potential under the leadership of All-Star point guard De’Aaron Fox, he earmarked the Kings as a team to watch. When discussing teams poised to make significant impacts, Smith also listed the reigning champions, the Denver Nuggets, along with Phoenix Suns, Los Angeles Lakers, and Golden State Warriors.

He particularly singled out the Kings as a significant contender in the Western Conference, emphasizing De'Aaron Fox's game-changing capabilities.

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