Denver Nuggets solved a big question before the start of the new NBA season


Denver Nuggets solved a big question before the start of the new NBA season
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Preparations are underway for the start of the new NBA season. We have seen many interesting trades, and NBA teams have been playing their preseason games for a few days now. The Denver Nuggets used the option to extend the cooperation with Christian Braun, who in his "hand" season made a solid contribution to winning the title of the Nuggets.

This young player had several notable games during the last season and he can certainly boast that he also had his influence on winning the title last season. The contract was signed to the mutual satisfaction of the team and the players, and Braun will stay in Colorado for at least two more seasons.

Already in his first season in the strongest league, he entered the select company of elite NBA players as he won both an NCAA ring and an NBA title in just two seasons. It's really rare that any player can boast of this kind of data.

We hope that Braun gained much-needed confidence by winning the title and that he will be even better this season, which is certainly expected.

After the notable results of last season and winning the title, Braun is expected to play even better in the new season

At the same time, he made an important contribution to the results of the Nuggets, appeared as the most pleasant surprise, and hence the management's decision to activate the third year of the contract with this basketball player is not surprising.

Of course, this does not mean that this young player will be in the starting line-up all the time, but he presents himself as a great solution for changes due to his security with the ball. In his first season with the Nuggets, this promising player averaged 15.5 minutes on the court, 4.5 points, 2.4 rebounds and 0.8 assists per match.

We expect that now that he knows he has a contract for two more years, he will play even better. At the same time, he has with him in the team some of the biggest stars of the NBA, as well as, according to many, the best basketball player in the world, Nikola Jokic.

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