Luka Doncic revealed which club he would like to play for if he returns to Europe


Luka Doncic revealed which club he would like to play for if he returns to Europe
Luka Doncic revealed which club he would like to play for if he returns to Europe © Christopher Pike / Getty Images

The start of the new NBA season is approaching, and the preparatory games have already begun, where the coaches are building the team for the upcoming season. Luka Doncic and the Dallas basketball players will have a friendly match in Madrid with Real from 20:45.

The Slovenian representative returned to the place from where he left across the Atlantic a few seasons ago. Doncic does not hide his love for Real Madrid, so he had a series of eulogies about them. Before the meeting with Real, Doncic said that Real is the most responsible for his violent rise in the world of basketball.

"Without Madrid, I wouldn't be where I am now. I learned everything there, I trained there. We are all happy to be here. We are still in the pre-season, this is a good challenge, playing against Real will not be easy. I know I will be excited for the welcome , I've been waiting for this day for months," Doncic admitted.

This great Dallas player answered a series of questions and some of the answers were really interesting. When asked what he would rather take with him to America, one of his former teammates or a souvenir, he gave a humorous answer.

He says that for success in the NBA it is very important to have mental stability. "I would bring one of my former colleagues. Rudi. a trainer and a physio. What is certain is that I will bring ham with me," he said with a smile.

"The mental aspect is very important. Especially when you have a bad game and you need to know how to get out of it. I know I can play and keep doing the same things every day," added the Slovenian.

Doncic did not hide his excitement about playing in Spain again

He is confident in his team and has great confidence in his teammates, so he has high expectations for the next season.

He says that the most important thing is to start the season well, and then it will be easy to maintain the situation in the table. He emphasized the importance of a good start to the league. "We still have a great team, with new players.

We are good. We are still getting to know each other. The team is better, I hope we will have a special season. When we are out of the USA we spend a lot of time together. I hope we start the season in a good way" . He says that he convinced people from Dallas to come to Spain, to Madrid.

And in the end, they fulfilled his wish. It will be interesting to see the reaction of the Madrid audience to the return of their former favorite. "Since I left, I told Mark Cuban let's come here. Let's hope one day we play at the Bernabeu and come back to play an NBA game here." When asked about the continuation of his career, he said that he is currently only thinking about his team, the Dallas Mavericks, and wants them to make a breakthrough this season and make it to the playoffs.

Finally, he has no dilemma where he would return to play basketball in Europe. "If one day I return to Europe, I'm sure I'll return to Madrid. I don't know what the future will be, but if I do return, it will be Madrid, one hundred percent," Doncic concluded.

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