Dallas Mavericks without a big star against Real Madrid, played in Europe


Dallas Mavericks without a big star against Real Madrid, played in Europe
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The new season of the NBA league is about to start, and the teams are heavily preparing for the start. Three games were played last night where we could see very good moves and many young and promising players. The Dallas basketball players are preparing for the new season in the NBA league and will play a match in Madrid against the European champions, Real.

This news caused the excitement of the European audience and it is likely that the arena will be full as if it were a competitive match. As Dallas coach Jason Kidd announced, Kyrie Irving will not play for the NBA team. A few months ago, Irving extended his contract with Dallas until June 2026, during which time he will earn $126 million.

It's a pity for the game that Irving is not there, but Real Madrid fans will be able to see their former best player Luka Doncic again, who will surely lead Dallas. We hope that regardless of the fact that Irving will not be there, the arena will be full because a lot of audience and cheering will cause the players to work harder and provide a better game.

It is certain that the majority of European NBA fans are disappointed because they will not be able to see one of the best current NBA basketball players.

Real Madrid against their former best player

For a long time, Real Madrid did not play against a team from the NBA, so it is not surprising that the audience is very interested in seeing NBA stars against their team.

Real last played against an NBA club in October 2016. Madrid beat Oklahoma 142:137 after overtime, and Dončić scored three points for Real, along with four assists and five rebounds. Regardless of the outcome, we hope that we will see a very good match with a lot of attractive moves and dunks because that is what adorns the preparatory games because they are played without a lot of pressure.

Real Madrid will certainly want to prove themselves against an NBA team, so that fact ensures us an interesting match. The match will be held at 20:45 European time in the WiZink Center.

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