The rookies showed that the NBA league should not be afraid for its future


The rookies showed that the NBA league should not be afraid for its future
The rookies showed that the NBA league should not be afraid for its future © Candice Ward / Getty Images

Last night, preparatory games were played before the start of the NBA league. Of course, as always, a large number of newcomers got a chance, and the managers want to see what kind of shape the players are in for the next season.

We could see a lot of young players and great moves and attractive dunks. The players played relaxed because it was a warm-up game, so they used the opportunity to make moves that caused applause from the audience. In the match between San Antonio Spurs and Oklahoma City Thunder, two of the league's top 10 rookies - Victor Wembanyama and Chet Holmgren - appeared.

Almost everything is known about Wembanyama and we already had the opportunity to watch his game, but Holmgren has almost identical characteristics to Viktor and was a very "hyped" player before the NBA draft, he was selected from the third position, however, his thin build led to an injury during summer and missed the entire season.

But he has a chance to make up for not playing and show why he is among the young players with the most potential. So he is now a rookie again.

Very good play by the rookie heralds a good NBA season

There was a direct fight between these two players in a very uncertain match with a lot of twists and turns.

However, in the end it ended with the victory of Oklahoma 122:121. Holmgren scored 22 points with nine rebounds. Victor Wembanyama responded with 20 points and five rebounds. Really impressive statistics considering that they are very young players.

The coaches can be satisfied with the game they saw and will surely count on these two players during the next season. During the whole game, it was as if they were trying to compete with each other. We recommend that you watch the "highlights" of the direct duels between the two.

Two more matches have been played and the basketball players are slowly getting back in shape before the start of the league. In other preseason games, the Knicks defeated the Celtics 117:107, and the Lakers defeated the Nets 129:126. A good game by the Lakers indicates that they will be very dangerous, but it is too early to make such conclusions.