Dwight Howard's Hesitation with Twitter and Uncertain NBA Future

Dwight Howard addresses humorous comparisons on social media

by Faizan Chaudhary
Dwight Howard's Hesitation with Twitter and Uncertain NBA Future
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NBA star Dwight Howard has always been one to speak candidly, yet he remains notably distant from Twitter. Recently, via an Instagram post, Howard opened up about the core reasons for his minimal Twitter engagement. The center shared a few tweets that centered around him, humorously portraying him in a manner that didn’t sit quite right with the player.

One particularly amusing tweet displayed an AI-crafted image of Howard, portraying him as an emo punk rocker complete with a unique hairdo. The digital makeover was a nod to Jimmy Butler’s recent media day prank where the Miami Heat star sported a similar emo hair look.

Howard Reacts to Emo Meme

Notably, Howard remarked on this image, saying, “The picture look more like emo Bam,” alluding to the Miami Heat’s Bam Adebayo. Howard's statement was in response to another tweet which humorously suggested that Adebayo looked like an artist's attempt to sketch Dwight Howard from mere memory.

While Howard's response on Instagram was light-hearted, he did emphasize that jesting posts like these deter him from frequenting Twitter. Yet, as fans chuckled at this online banter, questions about Howard’s basketball career loom large.

Following his time with the LA Lakers in 2022, during which he contributed with an average of 6.2 points and 5.9 rebounds per game, Howard's future in the NBA remains uncertain. While he clinched a title with the Lakers in 2020, the veteran player has been teamless throughout the summer.

Recent reports hinted at a potential deal when Howard was seen working out alongside NBA luminaries like Chris Paul and Draymond Green with the Golden State Warriors. However, the Warriors’ GM, Mike Dunleavy, later confirmed that they had no intention of bringing Howard onboard, expressing contentment with their existing lineup of centers.

As the NBA season draws near, Howard’s next move is a topic of intrigue. Although he showcased his prowess in the Taiwanese pro league last year, earning the title of 'Most Valuable Import', he might have to return to Taiwan if no NBA doors open. For now, the seasoned player is a free agent, and fans are eagerly awaiting news on where he might dribble next.

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