Michael Jordan Celebrates Forbes 400 Entry with Iconic Bulls Theme in Chicago Club


Michael Jordan Celebrates Forbes 400 Entry with Iconic Bulls Theme in Chicago Club
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Over two decades post his last NBA game, Michael Jordan's association with the Chicago Bulls' entrance theme, "Sirius" by The Alan Parsons Project, endures in iconic fashion. Recently, the legend, upon his entrance at a venue, was serenaded with the tune.

The staff's gesture had attendees on their feet, cheering and reminiscing. Jordan, affectionately known as "His Airness", acknowledged with a triumphant fist pump, an emblematic nod to his basketball days. Though the six-time NBA champion has long hung up his boots, his influence goes beyond the court.

Recently, the business magnate enhanced his wealth by an astounding $3 billion by selling the majority stake of the Charlotte Hornets. This significant transaction secured his position on the coveted Forbes' top 400 list, released each September.

Sirius: Anthem of Bulls' Golden Era

For a generation that witnessed Jordan's unparalleled prowess, “Sirius” holds sentimental value. It's not merely a song, but an anthem symbolizing the golden era of the Bulls.

The man behind this trendsetting idea? Announcer and DJ Tommy Edwards. Edwards pioneered the concept of dimming arena lights during player introductions, a theatrical touch that intensified anticipation. In 1984, recognizing Jordan's rising star power, the Bulls sought Edwards' expertise for an electrifying introduction.

He responded with "Sirius", creating an association that resonates even today. In a revealing chat with NBC News in 2019, Edwards shared the genesis of the idea. An epiphany struck during a movie outing: “I told [my wife] Mary Lou, ‘This could be the Bulls’ song”.

The very next day, he procured The Alan Parsons Project’s album and perfected the pre-game introductory sequence. His innovative foresight revolutionized NBA game themes. Interestingly, Alan Parsons, the artist behind "Sirius", was oblivious to its iconic stature in Bulls' lore.

He only discovered its monumental role years after its implementation. While initially irked by the lack of acknowledgment from the Bulls, Parsons expressed pride in "Sirius" being an integral part of the NBA's illustrious history, thanks to Jordan and the Bulls' dynasty.

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