Russell Westbrook's NBA Earnings: Insights into the Triple Double King's Fortune

NBA star's earnings reflect his unmatched on-court prowess.

by Nouman Rasool
Russell Westbrook's NBA Earnings: Insights into the Triple Double King's Fortune
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Russell Westbrook's on-court prowess has cemented his legacy as one of the NBA's all-time greats. His career, marked by both versatility and tenacity, has earned him accolades, most notably the 2017 MVP title, a testament to his unwavering elite performance.

Along with such laudatory achievements comes a lucrative compensation, making Westbrook one of the highest earners in the league. Beginning his illustrious career with the Oklahoma City Thunder, Westbrook raked in a staggering $166.9 million over 11 seasons, as per data from Spotrac.

Following this, his brief but impactful tenure with the Houston Rockets added $37.3 million to his coffers. His journey with the Washington Wizards further padded his bank balance by $40 million. Playing two seasons for the iconic Los Angeles Lakers brought him $75.3 million.

And most recently, his stints with the Utah Jazz and LA Clippers saw Westbrook accumulate $15.9 million more.

Westbrook's Lucrative Legacy

All tallied up, Westbrook's NBA earnings, spanning 15 prolific years, stand at an astounding $336.4 million.

With an impending contract with the Clippers, this figure is set to rise to $344.2 million. At age 34, while he might not be in line for another high-ticket deal, Westbrook's hefty career earnings afford him the luxury of perhaps opting for a more modest veteran contract, focusing on clinching the elusive championship title.

But Westbrook's story doesn't end with earnings. His on-court statistics, particularly triple-doubles, are equally jaw-dropping. For the uninitiated, a triple-double in basketball is an impressive feat, much like soccer's hat-trick, requiring players to hit double digits in three major statistical categories, typically points, rebounds, and assists.

While many NBA elites manage a few triple-doubles each season, Westbrook, during his prime, achieved this with an astonishing regularity. Currently, he boasts 198 career triple-doubles, outstripping all predecessors. The legendary Oscar Robertson trails him with 181, followed by Magic Johnson's 138.

Meanwhile, icons like LeBron James and Jason Kidd share the fourth spot with 107, closely pursued by Nikola Jokic at 105. As Westbrook gears up for another season with the Clippers, fans eagerly await more from this unstoppable force, both in terms of financial accolades and record-breaking performances.

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