Joel Embiid will make a decision soon, Cameroon, USA or France

Joel Embiid has several choices for the national team

by Sededin Dedovic
Joel Embiid will make a decision soon, Cameroon, USA or France
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Misinformation continues to spread about Embiid's future in the national team before the Olympics. He has more choices for which national team he could play for, so that gave an incentive to many people and journalists to write on social networks and predict where Embiid will play.

The center of the Philadelphia Seventy-sixers and the official NBA MVP Joel Embiid will decide for which national team he will play in the next few days. A native Cameroonian has the right to choose between his home country, France, but also the United States, since he has passports from all three countries.

He has something for every country, but still couldn't make up his mind for a long time. This is not such a rare scene in various sports, when famous athletes choose between several countries that they can represent.

Joel Embiid has a very difficult task indeed, three options are in play

When asked by a journalist during Philaelfija's media day which selection he will choose, Embid answered only after a "dramatic pause": "I like all three options.

I was born in Cameroon and I always wanted to represent my country, but my goal is to play at the Olympic Games," he said, aware that it will be difficult to do with the Cameroonians. In addition to Embiid, everyone would certainly like to know for which national team this truly great basketball player will play.

Of course, Embiid is used to playing basketball at the highest possible level, so everyone predicts that he will choose France or the USA, which have already qualified for the Olympic Games. In contrast to Cameroon, which just qualified for the qualification for placement in Paris.

He is under a lot of pressure from the French basketball federation, which gave him an ultimatum to make a decision recently. In the end, Joel Embiid did not want to talk too much about that topic, so he told reporters that he will probably decide in the next couple of days.

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