Shaquille O'Neal liked the song 'Shaq & Kobe' sung by Meek Mill and Rick Ross


Shaquille O'Neal liked the song 'Shaq & Kobe' sung by Meek Mill and Rick Ross
Shaquille O'Neal liked the song 'Shaq & Kobe' sung by Meek Mill and Rick Ross © Harry How / Getty Images

The great former NBA superstar Shaquille O'Neal has won everything there is to win. He is very successful both on the field and now in business, and it is very difficult to impress him because he has already achieved everything.

The Hip Hop stars Meek Mill and Rick Ross seem to have managed to impress this basketball fan. The two made a song in honor of Shaquille O'Neal and Kobe Bryant who were a recognizable duo that roamed the basketball floors. The very name of the song tells about it because the song is called "Shaq & Kobe" and the hip hop duo also made a video for the song.

Shaquille O'Neal has already watched the video and listened to the song and is very happy with the song. He told him that he was honored to receive a song in which he and now NBA legend Kobe Bryant are mentioned. For this purpose, Shaq published several videos and pictures from the Los Angeles Lakers when he played together with Bryant.

The video caused very nice reactions, and some fans were sad because Kobe is no longer with us. Shaq praised Mill and Ross for this song, which is their last.

Shaquille O'Neal and Kobe Bryant's relationship wasn't always so good

Of course, this duo roamed the NBA with the Los Angeles Lakers and won 3 championships.

However, while they were still actively playing, there were some disagreements between them, and eventually a fight happened. Of course, these two NBA legends calmed their passions and repaired the damaged relationship. Kobe made an interesting statement on NBA TV in February 2018 that he had a physical confrontation with Shaq due to some ugly stories that appeared.

"We were playing a pickup game," Bryant said. "It was lockout season, South West College, we were playing a pickup game. We're on opposite teams and trash-talking. And you kept saying, 'Yeah, take that, I'm looking around like, Are they talking to me!' And I said, 'Hold on, there ain't gonna be too many more of those.'

"To which you said, 'What you gonna do about it? What you gonna do about it?' Next thing I knew, I saw a big hand coming this way, and I remember going this way. And I remember throwing some lollipop, Olden Polynice came and caught, and then they all just kinda broke us apart, broke us up." as quoted by sportskeeda