Chicago Bulls got together and very motivated announced a good start to the season


Chicago Bulls got together and very motivated announced a good start to the season
Chicago Bulls got together and very motivated announced a good start to the season © Michael Reaves / Getty Images

The start of the new NBA season is approaching, after the break that started back in April after the loss to Miami in the play-offs, the players of the Chicago Bulls gathered before the new season, which they eagerly await.

You could see that everyone was in a good mood and satisfied because the atmosphere was very relaxed. The Chicago Bulls had a media day, like most teams in the NBA. The three main players are Nikola Vucevic, Zach LaVine and DeMar DeRozan.

With the new contract, Vucevic will play in the Bulls for at least three more years. Of course, both he and his team are satisfied with this outcome, because even at the end of the season they said that they wanted to extend the contract with this player.

Last season, he played in each of 82 games and averaged a double-double. In a conversation with journalists, Vucevic revealed that he is very motivated for the start of the season and that he wants to improve the impression of his fans in the next season.

"I feel good before the start of the season, motivated, eager to make a better result than last year. I had a good summer, played for the national team, it was a successful World Cup. I rested, spent time with my family, so everything is great, we are coming back The beginning of the season is quite positive, there is a lot of energy, now there is a training camp, preparatory games, it all goes by quickly, but I think that everyone is motivated and eager to improve the impression compared to last season," said Vučević .

We remind you that Denver won the NBA last season, and the Executive Vice President of the Chicago Bulls, Artūras Karnišovas, says that he was very happy with the championship title of the Denver Nuggets and believes that this is an example that the Bulls should follow, because it is something that the team from Chicago also wants to brought to his city.

That requires a lot of work and effort, but also the players' will and motivation.

The Bulls will play a preliminary game against the current NBA champion Denver Nuggets

As part of the preseason, the Chicago players played against Denver, and Vucevic pointed out that he was at one game in the NBA finals when Denver played against Miami.

He would like to see his team in that place this year, but he emphasized that he is realistic and does not want to make any predictions or promises. "They come to our place, so we go to their place right after, so I will be glad to see each other and hang out outside the field.

I haven't seen Jokic since last season, so I will be glad to meet again and hang out and it will be safe and interesting duel even though it is in the preseason," said Nikola Vučević. As in all teams, but also among basketball fans, there is a feeling of satisfaction because the new season is starting.

There is great excitement in the ranks of the Chicago Bulls before the start of the new season. At the media day, you could see that the atmosphere was really great and that all the players seemed positive. The team gathered for the first time after five and a half months with a great desire to win a better ranking in the new season than last season. The fans want the same, so it remains for the Bulls to prepare well and do their best because it's a long season.

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