Charles Barkley's Lifelong Love for the Eagles: A 35-Year Affair


Charles Barkley's Lifelong Love for the Eagles: A 35-Year Affair
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Renowned NBA Hall of Famer, Charles Barkley, may have majored in "music appreciation" during his college basketball days at Auburn University, but his passion for music extends far beyond the classroom. In a recent interview on the Dan Patrick Show, Barkley openly expressed his deep-rooted love for music, particularly his favorite band, the Eagles.

While Barkley did reveal a diverse taste in music, citing "Public Enemy" as his favorite rap group and singing the praises of Aretha Franklin, it's the Eagles who hold a special place in his heart. With enthusiasm, Barkley shared, "The Eagles are my favorite band. I've been traveling with the Eagles for the last 30 years. I'm getting ready to go see them on their last tour. I think on November 3rd they're in Atlanta. I've seen them 50 times. I've been with those guys even before Glenn Frey passed away."

The Eagles, an iconic American rock band, formed in 1972 and left an indelible mark on the music industry with hits like "Hotel California," "Heartache Tonight," and "I Can't Tell You Why." Their impressive list of accolades includes six Grammy Awards and five American Music Awards.

Barkley's Deep Eagles Connection

For Barkley, his love affair with the Eagles began around 35 years ago when he started attending their concerts regularly, averaging 5-7 shows per year. Much like the band's songs, which reveal hidden gems upon each listen, Barkley's appreciation for their music has only grown over time.

Barkley's connection with the Eagles runs deep, going back to his early years growing up in Leeds, Alabama. This enduring bond led to a memorable moment in 1994 when the Eagles dedicated a song to Barkley during their "Hell Freezes Over" reunion concert at Gillette Stadium, where he was among the thousands in attendance.

Despite retiring from the NBA in 2000 after playing for the Houston Rockets, Barkley continues to drive to Eagles concerts, proving that his passion for the band remains as strong as ever. As he follows the Eagles on their last tour, Barkley's 35-year love affair with their music stands as a testament to the timeless quality of the band's songs and their enduring appeal to fans from all walks of life.

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