NBA billionaire tells Taylor Swift to break up with Kelce, he has a guy for her


NBA billionaire tells Taylor Swift to break up with Kelce, he has a guy for her
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Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban (65) asked famous singer Taylor Swift to break up with her new boyfriend Travis Kelce (33), an American football player who plays in Kansas City. Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce's new relationship continues to rock the United States.

This topic has been talked about for days, and the news was on most of the front pages. This beautiful singer and pop diva has finally settled down, but the first man of the NBA franchise from Dallas claims that there are better options for her.

Whether he was kidding or not, numerous media reported his statement. "Taylor, break up with him. I have several handsome single guys who play for the Dallas Mavericks," Cuban said, and, among others, "offered" her Luka Doncic as the leader of this team.

An interesting statement by the first man of Dallas, it remains unclear whether was he really joking or did he mean this seriously. However, the comments on social networks were directed against him, and he was especially attacked by fans of Taylor Swift as well as fans of Kelce.

We remind you that the pop diva was at the Kansas City game last week and we can safely say that she was the main star evenings.The cameras were on her the entire time as if there wasn't an NFL game going on.

Satisfaction and a smile on the face of Taylor Swift after the victory of Kansas City

Taylor Swift was at the Kansas City vs.

Chicago Bears game. Kansas won 40:10, and the singer was in the box with the mother of her new chosen one. She was celebrating all the time after the good results of Kansas, you could see that she was very relaxed and enjoying herself in the stands.

For a long time, a famous person has not caused so much attention because he came to watch a game, every day famous people come to sports events, but there have never been reactions like this. Good marketing for Kansas and for the NFL as a whole.

On Thursday, on "The Pat McAfee Show" podcast, Kelce publicly extended an invitation to Swift to the game. She accepted it and already came to the next game.

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