Shaquille O'Neal Jokes: Mom Will 'Sew' Parachutes for Skydiving Dream


Shaquille O'Neal Jokes: Mom Will 'Sew' Parachutes for Skydiving Dream
Shaquille O'Neal Jokes: Mom Will 'Sew' Parachutes for Skydiving Dream © Kimberly White/Getty Images

Shaquille O'Neal, the legendary seven-foot basketball icon, has been making headlines again, not for his on-court prowess or his analytical insights, but for a bold desire to try skydiving. As someone never shy of taking on challenges or venturing into new territories, this aspiration doesn't come as a surprise to his ardent followers.

Recently, People Magazine shared an anecdote where Shaq conveyed his adventurous plans to his mother. Known for his close relationship with his mother, it was amusing, yet heartwarming, to learn of her reaction. Her primary concern was not about the inherent dangers of the sport, but rather if the parachute could sustain Shaq's formidable frame.

Shaq's Skydiving Weight Quandary"

Recounting his encounter at a skydiving class, Shaq humorously relayed, "I remember the instructor's eyes widening when I mentioned weighing around 400 lbs. She suggested the weight limit was closer to 350.

But then, with a chuckle, I told her, 'No worries, my mom can sew two parachutes together.' " Taking the jest a step further, O'Neal added, "Knowing my luck, she might just not be in the mood to sew that very day, and I'd be in freefall with a ripping parachute.

It's crucial to have everything spot-on before making the leap." It's essential to note that the former LA Lakers star has a penchant for attempting unconventional challenges. Back in 2009-10, Shaquille took on a unique project called "Shaq Vs.," produced in collaboration with Phoenix Suns' teammate Steve Nash.

The show had a simple premise but was a hit among fans: Shaq, testing his skills against top athletes in diverse sports or even matching wits and skills with celebrities in their domain. Explaining the show's inception, Shaq remarked, "One evening, while watching Michael Phelps, I wondered aloud to my friends, 'Could I outswim him if he did a full lap and I just half?' We all had a good laugh, but that seed grew into the idea for 'Shaq Vs.'

" With such a rich history of taking on challenges, one can only wait to see if Shaq finally takes that leap from the sky, of course, with a reliable parachute in tow.