Jimmy Butler, annoyed by fuel prices, ordered to stop robbing ordinary citizens

Jimmy Butler statement about high prices of fuel

by Sededin Dedovic
Jimmy Butler, annoyed by fuel prices, ordered to stop robbing ordinary citizens
© Justin Edmonds / Getty Images

Lately, we have been able to notice for ourselves how the prices of fuel and energy products are rising insanely. Several reasons are given, some claim that the war in Ukraine is the reason, while others think that the price hike was deliberately forced.

Ordinary citizens all over the world are worried, but did it ever occur to you that it also affects athletes who have multi-million dollar contracts?
Jimmy Butler, one of the best basketball players in the NBA, is outraged by the American government because of high fuel prices.

A member of the Miami Heat, the team that was defeated by our Nikola Jokić's Denver Nuggets in the NBA Finals this year, posted a video from a gas station. He called the prices of gasoline in Los Angeles a robbery.

The high prices of fuel and energy are a problem for NBA stars, Butler went crazy because of the high prices

The local authorities fear that this could cause a riot of ordinary citizens as well as Butler's fans.

This is actually not the first case of famous athletes taking the side of ordinary people and imagining that they live a "regular" life. For now, the reactions are mild, but the reaction of one of the most popular NBA stars did not go unnoticed.

When a basketball player who earns tens of millions complains about the prices, the average citizen should ask himself if everything is okay with him. Jimmy Butler was with friends in the luxury neighborhood of Beverly Hills when he decided to fill his car with gas.

For 72 liters of fuel, he paid a little more than 145 dollars, or a little more than 16,132,850 dinars. "This is just highway robbery. Wow! This is madness. I have to switch to an electric car" - said the basketball player, who in Miami has an annual salary of 45.2 million dollars.

Prices are still rising, the people are silent, this message to Jimmy Butler was beautiful because it should be understood that he wanted to protect the common people with this message.

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