Magic Johnson Hints $6.1B NBA Franchise Ownership After Big Win

Johnson's recent ESPN chat reveals unexpected NBA aspirations

by Faizan Chaudhary
Magic Johnson Hints $6.1B NBA Franchise Ownership After Big Win
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Magic Johnson is best known for his incredible feats on the basketball court, but post-retirement, his business ventures in the sports world might be even more impressive. From the WNBA to the MLB and now the NFL, the iconic Los Angeles Lakers player has showcased a golden touch that mirrors his on-court brilliance.

Historically, Johnson has been notably absent from the NBA's ownership sphere, especially after his brief involvement with the Lakers. Many attributed this absence to his allegiance to the Lakers franchise, as he reportedly passed on several lucrative opportunities, including offers from teams such as the Detroit Pistons, Atlanta Hawks, and even the high-flying Golden State Warriors, out of respect for his beloved Lakers.

Magic Eyes Knicks Ownership

However, recent developments suggest a potential change in course. In a candid chat with ESPN, Johnson hinted at a new interest – the New York Knicks. With the allure of Madison Square Garden, dubbed the Mecca of Basketball, and the infectious energy of the Knicks’ fervent fanbase, Johnson acknowledged the appeal.

"I love coming to New York, watching the Knicks play at the Garden. The passion of the Knick fans is undeniable. Despite that, I'd never considered joining another franchise until now," Johnson mused. Given Johnson's proven track record in sports ownership, many speculate he could be the catalyst to rejuvenate the struggling Knicks franchise.

And while the Lakers will always be synonymous with Magic Johnson, his diversified sports portfolio is a testament to his visionary approach. His ownership stakes include notable names such as the MLB's Dodgers and WNBA's LA Sparks.

Of all Johnson's ventures, the recent acquisition of the NFL's Washington Commanders is perhaps the most monumental. Securing a whopping $6 billion deal and outbidding industry titans like Jeff Bezos, Johnson took a bold step by investing outside of Los Angeles for the first time.

And true to form, his influence is palpable. Since Johnson's takeover, the Dodgers clinched almost every NL West Championship, while the Commanders, who previously struggled, started their season on a promising note. The verdict on the so-called "Magic effect" is still out.

Yet, if Johnson decides to dive into the realm of the New York Knicks, the city's die-hard fans are bound to embrace that magic with open arms and hopeful hearts.

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