Carmelo Anthony returns to Trail Blazers on one-year deal

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Carmelo Anthony returns to Trail Blazers on one-year deal

2013 NBA scoring champion Carmelo Anthony has agreed on a one-year, league-minimum deal to return to the Portland Trail Blazers next season, as reported by ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski. Anthony, who played only 10 games for the Houston Rockets at the start of the 2018/2019 season, was out of the league for a year before the Trail Blazers gave him a chance.

Anthony, a 10-time NBA All Star, averaged 15.4 points and 6.3 rebounds last season for the Trail Blazers. Anthony earned a new deal with the Trail Blazers and he absolutely enjoyed playing alongside their top star Damian Lillard.

"Dame's at the top for me," Anthony said of Lillard a few months ago. "I've never played with someone who lifted his team on the court with his play and as a leader. He genuinely cares for his teammates.

What he's been able to do is amazing. He's the top guy I've played with. ... I've played with some great players, but the way Dame elevates his game and others, he's at the top." "When we got him, everybody had something to say about him: what he's going to do defensively, he's getting older, he's done, where's he going to fit in," Lillard said of Anthony, per ESPN.

Lillard was happy with what he saw from Anthony

"Everybody just had something to say: how he is in the locker room and all these things, why it didn't work out with these other teams. But he came to us, and he was just, like, laid back, good teammate, good for our younger players.

On the floor, he's talking whether he's having a good or bad game. Just all about the team. He understands what we need from him in certain situations, depending on how the game is going," Lillard said of Anthony.

"It's obvious to somebody like me that pays attention to everything. I find it real funny and disrespectful how people speak on him. He's a Hall of Famer." Anthony, one of the most prolific scorers in the NBA, knew his role with the Trail Blazers.

"He's just not shy about it," Lillard said. "He finds the spots that we need him in. He's not out there trying to play it like he's still in New York or Denver. He knows we need him sometimes to be on the weak side.

He knows when it's time to do an isolation on the block. He respects coach when he might take him out before he's ready to come out. I just think when you see those type of things from a guy of his stature, I think it says everything to our team."