Ukrainian tennis player Marta Kostyuk refused to shake hands with Kasatkina

About incident at WTA Tokyo, Marta Kostyuk

by Sededin Dedovic
Ukrainian tennis player Marta Kostyuk refused to shake hands with Kasatkina
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Many times it happens that there is an incident on sports fields due to political events. It can be a group or individual incident and until now it has been very often present on soccer fields in European football. However, it began to be transferred to Olympic sports as well as to the "noble" sport called tennis.

The first round of the WTA tournament in Tokyo was marked by a big scandal at the match between Russian tennis player Daria Kasatkina and Ukrainian player Marta Kostyuk! Before the start of the match, as tradition dictates, the tennis players came to the net to decide who will serve first in this match, and on that occasion they were supposed to take a photo together - which Kostyuk refused!

Although the occasion was ideal for them to symbolically create the flag of Ukraine with their dresses, Marta did not want to say goodbye to the Russian tennis player, to whom she lost the match a little later. Daria, who entered this match as the sixth seed of the tournament and a big favorite against the Ukrainian, managed to win after a reversal (3:6, 6:4, 6:3) and thus get some kind of compensation for the unsportsmanlike move of her opponent!

Kasatkina promotes LGBT and is a very tolerant person, politics is the reason for this behavior of Marta

Daria Kasatkina is known for her tolerance towards others. She has been declaring herself a lesbian for some time, and is one of the main LGBT promoters in Russia and in the world.

It's really surprising that her Ukrainian rival doesn't know that, because anyone who has ever listened to Kasatkina's story can understand that she doesn't have that kind of malice in her. This is not the first incident of a similar type that Marta Kostyuk has made at the world's biggest tournaments - she once called out Novak Djokovic for his comments about Wimbledon, so she hung out with him, she made a scene at Roland Garros after losing to Belarussian Arina Sabalenka, and at the beginning of the war she asked for a complete ban on Russians!

Athletes should be an example for peace and not for war. It is very important that they show a positive image because a lot of the younger population follows sports and looks up to their heroes.

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