The Taylor Swift Curse: NBA Playoffs' Absurd Fan Theory

Pop meets hoops: Swift's concerts clash with NBA outcomes.

by Nouman Rasool
The Taylor Swift Curse: NBA Playoffs' Absurd Fan Theory
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Taylor Swift, renowned for serenading countless fans during her Eras Tour, now finds herself intertwined with a peculiar NBA playoffs narrative. While Swift's shows electrified her devoted Swifties across the nation, the same fervor wasn't felt by basketball devotees, especially in cities she performed.

A viral Reddit theory, championed by Redditor Matt Moses, postulates a seemingly ominous connection between Swift's tour stops and NBA playoff outcomes. Delving into the specifics, Moses highlighted that following Swift's grand opening in Arizona, the Phoenix Suns faced a playoff exit.

The ripple effect continued in California, where the Golden State Warriors and the Los Angeles Lakers met similar fates ahead of Swift’s performances.

Swift's Tour: NBA's Jinx?

Is the Taylor Swift's Eras Tour truly the black cat of the NBA postseason? The logic-centric world would scoff at such claims, dismissing them as utter nonsense.

Yet, when coincidences stack up, even the most skeptical eyebrows raise. Take the Philadelphia 76ers, for example. They were deep in a nail-biting contest against the Boston Celtics. But post Swift's electrifying Philly show, timed perfectly with Game 7, the Sixers bowed out.

Boston wasn't immune either. Despite rallying from a 0-3 deficit against the Miami Heat, the Celtics crumbled in a climactic Game 7. Notably, Brooklyn Nets and New York Knicks also allegedly felt the Swift sting after her East Rutherford gig.

Grinning Miami Heat fans might owe a cheeky nod to Swift, given their 'miraculous' escape from the so-called curse. But there’s more. California's finest – the Warriors and Lakers, mirrored the Sixers and Celtics' trajectories.

With LeBron James steering the Lakers to triumph over the Warriors, they eventually faltered, succumbing to the Nuggets in the Conference Finals. As Taylor Swift's star ascends unchallenged, even NBA teams loaded with talent and pedigree seemingly couldn’t ward off the hypothetical 'Swift storm.'

The looming question as a fresh NBA season beckons: Will a Taylor Swift cameo during games cast the same spell? Superstitious NBA aficionados might be crossing their fingers, hoping any potential Swift influence remains quarantined to regular-season matches, steering clear of the pivotal playoffs.

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