The Germans say they are the best basketball team in the world, not the USA

Aleksandar Obbst statement about Germany world title

by Sededin Dedovic
The Germans say they are the best basketball team in the world, not the USA
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The passions after the Mundobasket still haven't calmed down, especially in the USA. Namely, the Americans think that the NBA league is the best and highest quality basketball competition, therefore they claim that the one who wins the NBA league is the world champion.

The question remains whether the Americans would say the same thing if their national team had won the Mundobasket or if they would brag about the World Champions Cup. Of course, such statements caused sharp reactions from all over the world, especially from Germany, which won the Mundobasket.

Fans, players, journalists all wanted to comment on such statements of NBA players who cannot possibly accept the fact that they are fourth in the world. German basketball player Andreas Obst says that the team that wins the Mundobasket should be called the "world champion".

Obst actually referred to the stories of the Americans, who call the NBA champions "world champions". Andreas, one of the most responsible for the triumph over the United States, has a clear position on this matter.

Andreas Obst believes that it is only a reflection of the despair and helplessness that befell the USA national team

Obst did not want to offend anyone, but tried to explain in a constructive way that the winner of the Mundobasket is also the world champion in basketball.He added that the USA was of course the main favorite before Mundobasket, but he reminded them that the favorites do not always win the competition.

It takes desire and effort, but of course luck, to become a world champion. "In the NBA, they say they are the world champions because the best in the world play there, but they are still the champions of the domestic league, and we in Germany are the champions of the World Cup.

In the NBA, they always have that attitude. They think they are the best at something and you can surely help them to give various epithets. It's funny how people still talk about it. They can call themselves whatever they want, the conclusion doesn't change.

We are world champions," said Obst. Obst, Bayern's first team player, scored 24 points for America in the semifinals of the World Cup.