Kevin Hart Roasts Steph Curry: 'He's a Robot with $450M Mechanical Arms!'


Kevin Hart Roasts Steph Curry: 'He's a Robot with $450M Mechanical Arms!'
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There's no denying that Steph Curry, Golden State Warriors' shining star, has redefined the art of shooting in the NBA. This veteran point guard hasn't just set records, he's also realigned the focus of teams worldwide toward the 3-point line.

Indeed, in the past decade, Curry's prowess from beyond the arc has catapulted the Warriors to four championship titles. But, according to comedian and Hollywood heavyweight Kevin Hart, with an impressive net worth of $450 million, there's a rather unconventional theory for Curry's sharpshooting capabilities: Steph Curry is a robot.

This wild speculation traces back to the 2016 NBA All-Star weekend in Toronto. Sharing his experience, Hart humorously remarked, "All-Star weekend in Toronto, Steph comes up to me, lifts his sleeve. And guess what? Mechanical stuff, wires and everything.

People, he's a robot!" While the 35-year-old Curry's incredible feats often seem otherworldly, attributing them to robotic engineering, especially when considering the agility he displays on the court, might be stretching it.

Moreover, Curry's history of injuries in the NBA is a testament to his human resilience. Beyond Curry's personal accolades, his influence has been pivotal in reshaping the dynamics of the game. An increasing number of NBA aspirants are now honing their deep shooting skills, and even centers are stepping out to try their hand at perimeter shooting.

Shaq Questions NBA's Evolution

However, not everyone is thrilled about this evolution. NBA legend Shaquille O'Neal shared his concerns on the "All The Smoke" podcast in 2021. "Steph is changing the game," Shaq opined. "I see young players attempting shots from incredible distances.

But he's inspiring them, giving hope." O'Neal added, "Watching players like Curry, Duncan Robinson, Tim Duncan, and Dirk Nowitzki has shown that if you commit and work hard, there's a potential bridge to greatness." However, he also expressed reservations, suggesting that Curry's impact might be diluting the essence of the game.

The NBA's strategic shift towards a more perimeter-focused play continues to be a topic of debate, with opinions split on its implications for the game's future excitement and viewership.