Lue's Plea to LeBron in Crucial 2016 NBA Finals Moments, Recalls Doris Burke


Lue's Plea to LeBron in Crucial 2016 NBA Finals Moments, Recalls Doris Burke
Lue's Plea to LeBron in Crucial 2016 NBA Finals Moments, Recalls Doris Burke © Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The epic 2016 NBA Finals showdown featuring LeBron James' Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors is cemented in basketball history. In a dazzling series, James spearheaded a turnaround from a 3-1 trail, keeping his word by presenting Cleveland with its inaugural championship banner.

Recently, renowned sports commentator, Doris Burke, shared some poignant behind-the-scenes moments during her visit to JJ Redick's "Old Man and The Three" podcast. She recounted the gripping atmosphere in the climactic huddle of game seven.

Coach Ty Lue passionately urged LeBron to intensify his gameplay, even though he had already showcased a monumental performance. Reflecting on the 2016 series, Burke expressed, "The emotional roller-coaster was unbelievable.

Sitting near that decisive huddle, I heard Tyronn Lue fervently asking for even more from LeBron. And I thought, 'LeBron has already given his all, what more can Lue ask for?' It's worth noting that we, as commentators, aren't partial." She recalled the profound emotion during her post-win interview with LeBron.

"LeBron was visibly moved, tears streaming as he celebrated. My voice wavered, not because I sided against the Warriors, but seeing someone pour every ounce of passion is deeply moving."

LeBron's 2020 Victory

Since that iconic 2016 triumph, LeBron clinched another championship title during the 2020 "NBA Bubble" playoffs with the Los Angeles Lakers.

Fast forward to now, at 38, LeBron is gearing up for the 2023-24 season. The Lakers' composition has faced challenges over the past couple of years, marked by a lack of depth and younger, agile players to counter the wings.

An early slump last season saw them at the Western Conference's lower tiers. But under GM Rob Pelinka's adept maneuvers around the February trade deadline, the team experienced a rejuvenation, fueling LeBron's championship ambitions.

The Lakers charged to the Western Conference Finals but were halted by the champions-to-be, Denver Nuggets. Pelinka didn't stop there. This off-season witnessed further acquisitions, fortifying the Lakers’ lineup and promising a more harmonized rotation.

LeBron, surrounded by one of the most formidable Lakers' assemblies since his California move, eyes the upcoming season as potentially his finest shot at another championship before he hangs up his sneakers.

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