Is Nikola Jokic, currently the best player, ending his career soon?


Is Nikola Jokic, currently the best player, ending his career soon?
Is Nikola Jokic, currently the best player, ending his career soon? © Matthew Stockman / Getty Images

Currently, the best basketball player in the world, Nikola Jokic, arouses great public interest mainly because of his casual demeanor. This is how he got involved in numerous topics, even though he tries his best to avoid any public interest.

However, this is not possible when you are the best basketball player in the world. Serbian center Nikola Jokić led the Denver Nuggets to the championship ring in the previous NBA playoffs and proved that he is currently the best basketball player in the world's strongest league.

His former teammate - 31-year-old guard Austin Rivers - spoke about how long he will play in the NBA.
Rivers was a guest on a popular podcast run by journalist Bill Simmons, so the question arose - is there a chance that Jokic will be in the league at 39 years old and have a marginal role? " No, there is no chance "- said Rivers, who was a teammate with Jokić in the 2021/2022 season.

The longest Nikola Jokic will play is until he is 35 years old –"I think he'll just sign off at some point, like Barry Sanders in the NFL. I think he will play another 5-6 seasons. He is 28 years old, and I don't think he will play more than 34 years old.

Maybe until 35. I think then he will go to Serbia and not return to the USA. I simply don't see him playing in the NBA as a 39-year-old - said the son of the famous coach Doc Rivers. –"I remember when we lost to Golden State in 2022.

Two days after that defeat, I was taking my things from the locker in the hall and I asked if Nikola was there. They told me that he went to Serbia the day before. I don't think he cares about the American lifestyle, pop culture, trends, fame, relevance...

Those things just don't really interest him. He has other interests. I don't believe he will stay. He has already become an NBA champion, MVP, All-Star... He will probably sign another "supermax" contract and leave" - explained Austin Rivers.

Jokić has been in the NBA since 2015, and the summer before he was drafted by the Denver Nuggets from the 41st position.

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