He won a million dollars for one basket, in the end they refused to pay him


He won a million dollars for one basket, in the end they refused to pay him
He won a million dollars for one basket, in the end they refused to pay him © Jonathan Daniel / Getty Images

We have all witnessed unreal moments on the sports fields, various things are possible there and the audience has seen more or less everything, but even today people talk about the event that happened 30 years ago. Back in 1993, Don Calhoun thought he had become a millionaire after scoring an unreal basket during a timeout in an NBA game between the Chicago Bulls and the Miami Heat.

Before the actual attempt, the entire arena and the audience were speechless, everyone was excited. Indeed, an event like this happens maybe once in history, but what made this event popular was the final outcome, with which no one was satisfied from those who were supposed to pay the money.

During the aforementioned match, a raffle was organized, and in the end the (un)lucky winner was Don Calhoun, a Chicago Bulls fan who had to hit practically from basket to basket to win a million dollars.The entire arena in Chicago, including the legendary Michael Jordan, was in rapture, waiting for the outcome of the shot.

The chances of him hitting were less than one percent, but the ball went through the hoop. Don Calhoun was delirious, convinced that he had won a million dollars that would change his life forever, but an unprecedented shock soon followed.

Big juice and a dose of injustice towards the man who succeeded in the impossible

Namely, one insurance company, which organized and sponsored everything, did not want to pay him the money because it was noticed that he played basketball in college, thus breaking the rules.

One of the rules of the game stated that female contestants could not play basketball in "organized competitions" before the award competition itself. Insurance company American Hole 'N One Inc. she was not obligated to pay the man a million dollars for the reason stated.

Of course, they couldn't wait for his failure and refused to pay the money. Coca-Cola, which was one of the sponsors of the event, along with the restaurant Lettuce Entertain You and the Chicago franchise have pledged to cover the prize if the insurance company does not.

In return, Calhoun won $50,000 a year for the next 20 years, which of course came in handy, but still regretting the million...