Justin Fields Under Fire for Blaming Bears Coaches Amid Early Season Woes

Amidst team struggles, Fields voices personal gameplay concerns.

by Nouman Rasool
Justin Fields Under Fire for Blaming Bears Coaches Amid Early Season Woes
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Justin Fields, once heralded as the Chicago Bears' beacon of hope following his 11th overall selection in the 2021 NFL Draft, is now in the midst of a firestorm. The two-time First Team All-Big Ten and a 2019 Second Team All-American from Ohio State has faced challenges transitioning his college success to the NFL, with the Bears' poor performances adding fuel to the fire.

The Bears not only recorded a bleak season last year but made a controversial decision, trading their number one pick for 2023 to the Carolina Panthers. Many look to Fields for answers, but recent remarks seem to shift blame elsewhere.

Fields Hints at Coaching Issues

A recent video shared by NFL writer Ari Meirov showed Fields addressing his on-field issues in a press conference. Fields was candid, alluding to possible "coaching" issues as a factor in his performance, "You know, could be coaching, I think...But when the game comes, it's time to play free.

Just thinking less and playing more”. While Fields might have intended to share an honest reflection, his comments were not received well by all. One fan pointedly stated, “He is incapable of taking any responsibility,” with another echoing, “Everyone’s fault but his”.

As debates rage online regarding Fields' NFL readiness, his statistics paint a picture. Despite opening the 2023 season with two consecutive losses, Fields registered a slightly improved 60.6% completion rate over two games from his previous 60.4% last season.

However, in 27 starts under his belt, the Bears have tasted victory just five times. Fields' cumulative stats raise eyebrows: a completion percentage hovering around 59.8%, 31 fumbles, 26 touchdowns, and 24 interceptions. With an average of only 156.5 passing yards per game, there's room for improvement.

Yet, it's essential to acknowledge the Bears' offensive line's struggles, which allowed Fields to be sacked a staggering 101 times. Fields' hint at "coaching" issues suggests deeper problems, and the team must rally as their upcoming matchups against formidable opponents like the Kansas City Chiefs and the Washington Commanders will test their mettle.

In the ever-evolving landscape of the NFL, the Chicago Bears, Fields included, must recalibrate and confront their challenges head-on.

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