Brooks Drops 39 on USA: Shaquille O’Neal Praises FIBA Performance

Dillon Brooks' NBA journey showcases talent amidst controversy

by Faizan Chaudhary
Brooks Drops 39 on USA: Shaquille O’Neal Praises FIBA Performance
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In a recent development from the 2023 FIBA World Cup, Dillon Brooks cemented his role as a crucial player, guiding the Canadian national team to a laudable third-place finish. Displaying his extraordinary prowess, the former Memphis Grizzlies stalwart managed to score a staggering 39 points against Team USA, defying the narrative that he's merely a disruptor on the hardwood.

Basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal took to Instagram, showcasing a slew of highlights from Brooks' thrilling performance against Team USA. Brooks' feats at the World Cup weren't just a talk among avid basketball fans but also seemed to have caught the attention of some of NBA's illustrious past players, especially in light of his recent move to the Houston Rockets.

Brooks: NBA's Controversial Talent

Despite embarking on his seventh NBA season, Brooks has unfortunately often been in the limelight for the wrong reasons—mostly due to his controversial on-court conduct and perceived unsportsmanlike demeanor.

Nevertheless, Brooks stands as the kind of player franchises crave for, yet dread competing against. A noteworthy revelation emerged post the Memphis Grizzlies' 2022-23 season finale, courtesy of The Athletic's Shams Charania.

He unveiled that Dillon Brooks wouldn't be donning the Grizzlies' jersey any longer, as they had clearly communicated their decision to let him go. Subsequently, Brooks found a new home with the Houston Rockets, playing under the aegis of coach Ime Udoka.

With Udoka's predilection for an aggressive style of basketball, Brooks, known for his audacious approach, seems to be a natural fit, poised to embrace a pivotal leadership role. While many are eager to see if Brooks' sensational form from the FIBA World Cup translates seamlessly to the NBA, it’s a given that if it does, Shaquille O’Neal's Instagram would be brimming with more such applaudable moments.

Yet, Brooks' primary role within the Rockets would be that of supporting, as they nurture their prodigies Alpren Sengun and Jalen Green. Following his World Cup heroics, Brooks confidently pronounced himself as the best two-way wing globally.

This assertion might be an overreach for some, but his unyielding spirit could be the exact ingredient the Rockets need. To enhance their defensive mettle, the Rockets also onboarded Fred VanVleet this offseason, indicating their determination to bolster their defense. Both Brooks and VanVleet are poised to redefine the Rockets' gameplay in the forthcoming NBA season.

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