Clippers Eye James Harden, Malcolm Brogdon, Terry Rozier as Top Trade Picks

NBA star Harden's future remains a crazy topic.

by Faizan Chaudhary
Clippers Eye James Harden, Malcolm Brogdon, Terry Rozier as Top Trade Picks
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In recent NBA trade rumors, the Los Angeles Clippers have set their sights on three prominent players: James Harden, Malcolm Brogdon, and Terry Rozier. Noted NBA journalist, Zach Buckley from Bleacher Report, holds the opinion that the Clippers' strategic direction might lean towards roping in either of these players.

Buckley elucidated, “The Clippers' pursuit of Harden may have faced some hiccups, but the avenue certainly isn't sealed off. Moreover, their consistent engagements with the Celtics for Brogdon suggests potential fruition soon.

Their interest largely hinges on the performance of Celtics' players like Derrick White, Payton Pritchard, and Dalano Banton." Rozier's association with the Clippers isn't new. According to Buckley, acquiring him from the Hornets might be more achievable, especially if Nick Smith Jr.

demonstrates the potential for an enhanced role.

Harden's Departure from Sixers Looms

A significant twist surrounds Harden, who expressed his desire to leave the Philadelphia 76ers. While Harden seems eager to don the Clippers' jersey, both teams are yet to arrive at a consensus.

In his last season with the Sixers, the basketball maestro boasted an impressive average of 21.0 points, 6.1 rebounds, and a 44.1% field shooting record, further sealing his position as the NBA's assists leader for the second time.

Elsewhere, Brogdon emerged as a noteworthy asset last season with the Boston Celtics, clinching the Sixth Man of the Year title. His stats, an average of 14.9 points and a 48.4% field shooting rate, paint a promising picture.

However, the Clippers took a step back from their initial trade inclination due to Brogdon's medical evaluation, revealing a partial tendon tear in his right elbow. Rozier, having charted an average of 21.1 points for the Charlotte Hornets, also remains on the Clippers' radar.

In a recap of the Clippers' recent performance, they faced defeat against the Phoenix Suns during the first round of the 2023 playoffs. This marks another year where the team, under the leadership of Kawhi Leonard and Paul George since 2019-20, hasn't made it to the NBA Finals.

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