Stephen Curry: From Height Doubts to NBA Triumphs

Underestimation marked Curry's early NBA journey.

by Faizan Chaudhary
Stephen Curry: From Height Doubts to NBA Triumphs
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Stephen Curry's stature of 6 feet 2 inches and a weight of 185 pounds might not initially stand out in the towering world of the NBA. Yet, this NBA Finals MVP has showcased that height isn't a deterrent to achieving excellence in basketball.

Even as one of the comparatively shorter players on the court, Curry’s accolades firmly position him among the greats of his era. Had the competing clubs foreseen the prodigious talent within Curry, there's little doubt he would've been their first draft pick.

Interestingly, during his formative NBA years, a fun anecdote emerged. Although Curry sports a size 12.5 men's shoe, he amusingly wore size 14 up until his rookie NBA year.

Curry's Height: Initial NBA Doubts

However, when Curry made his entrance into the NBA, his 6-foot-2 frame wasn't seen as overtly impressive.

Skepticism arose. Was the risk of betting on Curry worth it? And with concerns about his height, the decision to transition him from a shooting guard to a point guard was made. Although an effective scorer, his prowess as a point guard was initially under scrutiny.

His evolution was evident during his senior year at Davidson, where Curry remarkably amplified his average assists per game to 5.6. Yet, critics still questioned his ability to keep teammates engaged at an NBA level while concurrently mastering the floor.

Nevertheless, the Golden State Warriors' decision to draft him proved serendipitous. In just eight years, the team clinched four championship titles. His height never waned his determination or dominance over the game. A true testament to his unparalleled skill set, the Golden State Warriors' superstar now holds the coveted title of the NBA's all-time top scorer.

Furthermore, he’s shattered records, notably for the highest number of three-pointers in a single season and throughout his career. Amid Curry's meteoric ascent, the basketball landscape evolved. Before this era, teams seldom emphasized three-pointers; guards were expected to penetrate defenses and drive to the basket.

However, Curry’s influence transcends mere statistics. Few of his stature have made such indelible marks in terms of team and individual achievements. To put things in perspective, it’s a rarity to find an athlete under 6 feet 6 inches who has managed to redefine the game, set records, and guide his team to repeated victories as Steph Curry has.

His legacy serves as a reminder: greatness isn’t just about height; it’s about heart, skill, and perseverance.

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