LeBron James impressed by DeAndre Hopkins' Hail Mary touchdown catch

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LeBron James impressed by DeAndre Hopkins' Hail Mary touchdown catch

Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James was super impressed with the Hail Mary touchdown pass five-time Pro Bowl wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins caught against the Buffalo Bills in Week 10 this past Sunday. Hopkins, who was surrounded by three Bills defenders on the key play, managed to haul on a a 43-yard Hail Mary touchdown with two seconds left to go in the game as the Cardinals beat the Bills 32-30 after trailing the entire game.

Moments after Hopkins made a sensation catch, James reacted on Twitter: "WOW WOW WOW!! HOP HOP HOP! @DeAndreHopkins My bro different!!"

Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray claimed he felt it was a good throw the moment he released the ball but he admitted he didn't see Hopkins catch the ball in traffic.

"I want to say I knew when it left my hand it had a chance just because [when] you play quarterback, you can tell the trajectory, the touch of the ball," Murray said after the game, per ESPN. "But, I think I was looking at the sideline when everybody ...

I just got the reaction from everybody. I don't think I saw him catch the ball. I really don't remember -- it happened so fast. But, I knew once it left my hand, it had a good chance."

James wasn't the only athlete impressed by Hopkins' catch

NFL legends Randy Moss and Eli Manning, 2018 NFL MVP Patrick Mahomes, Hopkins' teammates Murray, Tyrann Mathieu, Patrick Peterson, Christian Kirk all took to Twitter after the game to give recognition to Hopkins.

"It's funny," Murray said, "everybody, all they saw was black gloves arising from everybody. There was like, what, a group of four people and all they saw was black gloves. I'm just glad he caught the ball."

Hopkins has made a number of outstanding and great plays since coming to the league in 2013 but the one he made for the win against the Bills was his No. 1 play. "This one is No. 1," Hopkins said. "It was to win the game, no question, against a playoff opponent."

Hopkins said he wanted to stay calm, focus on making a catch and the getting a good grip on it so the Bills defenders wouldn't be able to knock the ball out of his hands. "In basketball terminology, that's what they call this [Hopkins tapped his head], somebody get dunked on," Hopkins said.

"It was on three people. Yeah. Yeah, they were in position. It was just a better catch by I." Meanwhile, after winning his fourth NBA title this past season, James is preparing for the new NBA season, which starts on December 22.