BREAKING: Kevin Porter Jr arrested after he tried to kill his girlfriend!

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BREAKING: Kevin Porter Jr arrested after he tried to kill his girlfriend!
BREAKING: Kevin Porter Jr arrested after he tried to kill his girlfriend! © Carmen Mandato / Staff Getty Images Sport

Incredible what happened in New York: NBA superstar Kevin Porter Jr was arrested because he tried to kill his girlfried. More in depth, He wes arrested on charges of assault and attempted strangulation of his girlfriend Kysre Gondrezick, while the couple were staying at the Millennium Hotel, in the North American city.

A Police spokesman said: "Upon arrival officers were advised that a 26-year-old female had suffered a laceration to the right side of her face and was complaining of neck pain. A preliminary investigation at the scene determined that an individual known to He struck her body several times and put his hands around her neck." Police said the woman locked Kevin out of her room and Kevin, with the help of hotel security, gained access to the room and then attacked her.

Kevin Porter had other troubles during his career

For expample, in 2022, Washington Wizards announcer Glenn Consor apologized to Porter Jr., after Consor commented that Porter: "like his dad, he pulled the trigger right at the right time." Consor said this after Porter Jr.

made a key shot in a Wizards-Rockets game, under the mistaken belief that Porter Jr. was the son of Kevin Porter, a former Washington point guard who retired in 1983. The father of Kevin Porter Jr. , Bryan Kevin Porter Sr., pleaded guilty to first-degree manslaughter, served a prison sentence, and later died in a shooting when Porter Jr.

was four years old. Porter is not related to Kevin Porter. Only 3 years ago, in 2020 the Houston Rockets stars was charged by Mahoning County police following a single car accident for improper handling of a firearm in a vehicle.

Cleveland Cavaliers stated: "We are aware of the situation involving Kevin Porter Jr. and are in the process of gathering information. We have spoken with Kevin and will continue to address this privately with him as the related process evolves." A grand jury in Mahoning County declined to indict Porter on the felony gun charge. Misdemeanor charges of driving without a license were also dropped.