Magic Johnson Shares 'Priceless' Wisdom with Commanders

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Magic Johnson Shares 'Priceless' Wisdom with Commanders
Magic Johnson Shares 'Priceless' Wisdom with Commanders © Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images

Legendary NBA superstar and business tycoon Earvin "Magic" Johnson was in high spirits when he joined Josh Harris, the Managing Partner, at Washington Commanders' practice this past Wednesday. This unique gathering came right before the Commanders' highly-anticipated home opener on Sunday.

With the Commanders gearing up for their first official game under a fresh ownership banner, Johnson's visit was impeccably timed. He took a trip down memory lane, sharing invaluable insights from his illustrious basketball career and revealing how his journey moulded him into the revered figure he is today.

The players, intrigued and starstruck, actively engaged in a Q&A session. Starting quarterback Sam Howell, who was recently honoured with captainship, expressed his gratitude, "Having Magic as part of our organization and being so approachable is truly a boon.

His insights are gold." For Howell, the dialogue was centred around uncovering the secret sauce of successful teams. Johnson's answer was simple yet profound, emphasizing unwavering belief, unity, self-policing, and mutual accountability.

Magic's Winning Wisdom

Johnson's basketball feats, including five NBA Championships and three Finals MVP Awards, lend tremendous credibility to his counsel. The Commander's team, hungry for success, seems poised to internalize and apply his teachings.

Echoing the sentiment, Jahan Dotson said, "Magic imparted wisdom about discipline, focus, and the makings of a true champion. His perspective is unique; after all, he's been at the pinnacle of the basketball world." Yet, it's not just about the competitive edge.

Johnson's genuine demeanour has boosted the Commanders' camaraderie. Kendall Fuller remarked, "It was like chatting with a long-lost friend. We talked about basketball, faith, and life. Having such candid conversations with him was enlightening." Magic's inclusion in the Commanders' ownership group, a transition that took place in July, promises a fresh chapter for the team.

His investment goes beyond capital; it's an emotional commitment. The significance of his role and the profound impact of his leadership was accentuated when the 2023 team captains were announced, including Howell, McLaurin, Allen, Fuller, Reaves, and Way.

Meeting Johnson was like meeting a childhood hero for many Commanders' players. They've grown up hearing tales of his NBA heroics. As Jeremy Reaves said, "Seeing Magic in person, interacting with him, absorbing his wisdom - it's an unparalleled pre-game experience, one that money simply can't buy."


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