Smith & Sharpe: Dwight Howard's Legacy vs. Davis Debate

Podcast sparks fresh debate on NBA's Top 75 rankings

by Faizan Chaudhary
Smith & Sharpe: Dwight Howard's Legacy vs. Davis Debate
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In recent weeks, NBA fans have been captivated by the undeniable chemistry and often audacious takes between Stephen A. Smith and Shannon Sharpe. The shift of dedicated viewers from "Undisputed" to "First Take" stands testament to this compelling dynamic.

However, it's their conversations on the Club Shay Shay podcast that have ignited some truly riveting debates. Among them, a pressing question: Is Dwight Howard truly superior to Anthony Davis? Delving deep into the NBA's legacy, Sharpe and Smith vociferously dissected the careers of both basketball titans.

It’s no secret that these two media juggernauts have a significant influence over basketball discourse. Their insights and opinions often ripple across the community, sparking intrigue, agreements, and disagreements.

Howard vs.

Davis: Top 75 Controversy

During a recent podcast episode, they audaciously weighed Dwight Howard's achievements against those of Anthony Davis. Central to their argument was the NBA’s controversial decision to include Davis in its Top 75 players while omitting Howard.

Smith keenly pointed out that despite Davis's scoring prowess, he didn't truly enter the limelight until he donned the purple and gold of the Los Angeles Lakers. Contrastingly, Dwight Howard, in his prime, was a force of nature, driving the Orlando Magic to the NBA Finals on his robust shoulders.

Shannon Sharpe emphasized, “In his prime, Dwight Howard stood tall as one of the NBA’s top five players”. Smith, known for his fiery responses, nodded in agreement, adding, “Absolutely. There's no contention there”.

Sharpe further elaborated on the comparison, noting, "While Anthony Davis might be the more refined talent, it underscores potential gaps in his impact. Because Dwight Howard, who may be perceived as a 'lesser talent', was indisputably more influential during his peak." The debate about Howard's omission from the NBA's Top 75 players list had previously stirred the waters.

Even though Howard's relationship with coach Stan Van Gundy soured, Van Gundy never hesitated to acknowledge Howard’s monumental impact. This debate reignites the age-old question: How do we measure greatness in the world of sports? While statistics, accolades, and awards play their part, the influence and legacy of a player can sometimes transcend those metrics.

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