20-Year-Old Rising Star's Take on Playing with Stephen Curry: 'He Always Finds a Way'

Kuminga's Candid Insights on His NBA Mentor

by Zain ul Abedin
20-Year-Old Rising Star's Take on Playing with Stephen Curry: 'He Always Finds a Way'
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Golden State Warriors' point guard, Stephen Curry, is an iconic figure in NBA history, celebrated not just for his unparalleled offensive prowess but also for his extraordinary impact on the game of basketball. Often referred to as the "Chef" for his ability to cook up incredible shots from beyond the arc, Curry has carved out a legacy as the Greatest Shooter of All Time.

His unparalleled skills are closely intertwined with his team's consistent success over the years, making him a true luminary in the world of sports. However, there's more to Curry than his on-court heroics; he's also a remarkable teammate.

Recently, one of his teammates, the 20-year-old Jonathan Kuminga, shared his admiration for the veteran point guard and offered a glimpse into what it's like to share the court with Curry. Kuminga, a rising star who joined the NBA just two years ago after being selected 7th overall by the Golden State Warriors in the 2021 NBA draft, has had the privilege of playing alongside the "Baby-Faced Assassin" since the beginning of his professional career.

In an interview with 947 Joburg, Kuminga couldn't help but sing praises for Curry, both as a teammate and as a human being. The young power forward had nothing but glowing words for his team's leader.

Stephen Curry: The Complete Champion

"Even if you don't seek him out, he'll find you and strike up a conversation.

That's something people might not realize about him behind the scenes. He's the best human being I've ever been around," Kuminga remarked, adding, "Steph Curry is like the perfect human being." In addition to his basketball prowess, Curry is a dedicated father of three, a loving husband, a philanthropist, and a magician on the court.

He's also a four-time NBA champion, a testament to his excellence in all aspects of life. Kuminga's admiration for Curry reflects the strong camaraderie within the Warriors' locker room. As he embarks on his rookie journey with the team, under a four-year, $24.9 million contract, he has a golden opportunity to learn from some of the NBA's greatest talents, including Curry, Draymond Green, Klay Thompson, and the recent addition, Chris Paul, known as the "Point God." These mentors will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in shaping Kuminga's promising career.

In sum, Stephen Curry's influence transcends the three-point line. He's not only a basketball virtuoso but also a beacon of inspiration and mentorship, both on and off the court. As he continues to lead the Golden State Warriors, his impact on the game and his teammates remains immeasurable.

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