Richard Jefferson Takes a Dig at Danny Green for Spurs' 3-Point Record

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Richard Jefferson Takes a Dig at Danny Green for Spurs' 3-Point Record
Richard Jefferson Takes a Dig at Danny Green for Spurs' 3-Point Record © Elsa/Getty Images Sport

In a playful exchange on social media, former NBA player and current ESPN analyst Richard Jefferson couldn't resist a friendly jab at his former teammate, Danny Green. The banter between these two former San Antonio Spurs teammates provides some lighthearted entertainment for basketball fans.

During his time with the Spurs, Danny Green, who later went on to win an NBA championship with LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers, showcased his skills from beyond the arc. He boasted an impressive 39.5% shooting percentage on 3-point attempts, making an average of 4.7 attempts per game.

Green's proficiency as a 3-and-D wing player earned him a reputation as a valuable asset for contending teams. However, Richard Jefferson decided to highlight a different aspect of their respective careers. He pointed out that during the 2010-11 season, he shot an even more impressive 44.0% on his 3-point attempts, a percentage surpassing Green's during his lengthy tenure with the Spurs.

Jefferson, known for his witty sense of humor, took to social media to share this interesting statistic, adding a humorous caption: "It's cuz Danny is ****." This good-natured ribbing is a testament to the camaraderie often found among NBA players, even when they become analysts and commentators after retiring from professional basketball.

Danny Green's Sixers Return

As for Danny Green, his career has been marked by his ability to contribute both offensively and defensively, making him a sought-after player for championship-contending teams. Throughout his career, Green has maintained an impressive 40.0% career 3-point shooting percentage, solidifying his reputation as a reliable perimeter threat.

Unfortunately, Green faced setbacks due to injuries, including a season-ending ACL tear during the 2022 NBA Playoffs, which kept him sidelined until early 2023. In recent news, Danny Green has found a new home with the Philadelphia 76ers.

The seasoned veteran signed a one-year deal with the Sixers, marking his return to the franchise after a previous two-year stint that concluded in 2022. This move comes as the Sixers navigate a tumultuous offseason, with James Harden's trade request adding uncertainty to their roster composition.

Despite the challenges, Green's addition to the Sixers offers them a reliable 3-point shooting option off the bench and a veteran presence. His history with new head coach Nick Nurse, stemming from their time together with the Toronto Raptors, may ease his transition into the team.

As the NBA season approaches, fans eagerly anticipate seeing how Danny Green's skills will contribute to the Sixers' aspirations, while good-natured exchanges like Jefferson's tweet add an extra layer of excitement to the mix.


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