Dennis Schroder's Candid Response to Career-Worst Game, Hails Arturs Zagars

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Dennis Schroder's Candid Response to Career-Worst Game, Hails Arturs Zagars
Dennis Schroder's Candid Response to Career-Worst Game, Hails Arturs Zagars © Takashi Aoyama/Getty Images Sport

In a dramatic quarterfinal clash at the FIBA World Cup 2023, Dennis Schroder, the dynamic point guard for Germany, faced the most challenging game of his career. Battling through a shooting slump that saw him go 4-of-26 from the field, Schroder's resilient spirit shone through as he praised his teammates for their incredible efforts, ultimately propelling Germany into the highly coveted semifinals with an 81-79 victory over Latvia.

Acknowledging his subpar performance, Schroder candidly admitted, "I probably had the worst game of my career. But we still found a way to win the game." Despite his struggles, Schroder contributed 9 points, though he struggled mightily with his shot, converting only 4 of his 18 attempts from within the two-point range and missing all eight of his long-range efforts.

Additionally, he tallied four assists but also grappled with four turnovers, leading to a team-worst plus/minus rating of -20 and an efficiency rating of -10.

Schroder's Inspirational Leadership

However, what truly set Schroder apart was his unwavering positivity and leadership on the court.

He emphasized the importance of maintaining a positive mentality, saying, "I just tried to stay positive. At the end of the day, if you make or miss shots, you can't control that. But what you can control is to be positive. Still, talk to your teammates as a leader and captain." Schroder's resilience did not go unnoticed by his coach, Gordon Herbert, who expressed unwavering faith in his star player's ability to bounce back.

"I have no doubts he will bounce back. Adversity builds strength," Herbert confidently declared. On the opposing side, Schroder had to contend with Latvian point guard Arturs Zagars, who delivered a stellar performance, amassing 24 points and eight assists.

Notably, Zagars had previously played for Lowen Braunschweig during the 2021-22 season, a German team owned by Schroder himself. Reflecting on Zagars' impressive display, Schroder graciously acknowledged his opponent's growth, stating, "I own a team in Germany (Braunschweig), and he played there one and a half years ago.

He was a little bit hurt and couldn't play that much. But since then, he made a huge jump. Shout out to him, he played well tonight. He did his thing," Schroder smiled. As Germany advances to the semifinals, all eyes will be on Dennis Schroder, eager to witness his triumphant return and his team's quest for FIBA World Cup glory.