Filip Petrusev Shines in Best NT Performance Alongside Wild Aleksa

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Filip Petrusev Shines in Best NT Performance Alongside Wild Aleksa
Filip Petrusev Shines in Best NT Performance Alongside Wild Aleksa © Ezra Acayan/Getty Images Sport

In a thrilling quarterfinal clash against Lithuania, Filip Petrusev showcased his prowess while donning the Serbia senior national team jersey, leaving a lasting impact on the game. The young basketball talent exhibited remarkable skill and determination, scoring an impressive 17 points, securing six rebounds, and contributing two assists in a mere 17 minutes of play.

When asked about Petrusev's standout performance, Serbia national team veteran Marko Guduric responded with a smile, saying, "You have to ask him. But I like the way he played. He took a challenge playing against Valanciunas and Motiejunas.

Amazing game. He's in the NBA for a reason." With humility and satisfaction, Filip Petrusev acknowledged the significance of his performance on the grand stage. Reflecting on his accomplishment, he stated, "On the biggest stage, for sure.

I had an injury in the first games, so I'm still physically not where I'm supposed to be. But I'm glad I could help Milutinov, who had so much work today in defense guarding Valanciunas. For me, it was an opportunity to step in, especially in offense." The defensive strategy of the Serbian team proved successful in limiting Valanciunas to 11 points and four rebounds within 19 minutes of play.

Serbia's dominance was palpable, particularly evident in their remarkable 48-24 advantage in points scored in the paint against Lithuania. Petrusev delved into the tactics employed against Valanciunas, explaining, "We were tough with him.

We didn't let him go to his spots. Milutinov has a huge body and was the first to make it hard on him. He was making him tired. And when he got tired, playing with the backup bigs was easier."

Leadership and Energy Unleashed

Petrusev also praised Bogdan Bogdanovic, the top scorer of the night with an impressive 21 points, highlighting his leadership on the court.

"He just broke the ice, and we followed the lead. He even got me going, setting a screen for my three-pointer, which isn't even our play. He gets everybody going. He's a good captain," Petrusev commended. Amidst the post-game excitement, the charismatic Aleksa Avramovic injected his infectious energy into the room, playfully videobombing Petrusev's interview.

Petrusev couldn't help but laugh as he described Avramovic's boundless enthusiasm, stating, "He's just crazy with his energy. He has the craziest energy out there... You saw it." Avramovic contributed significantly to the victory, amassing eight points and four steals in just 14 minutes of play.

Petrusev praised their chemistry, expressing, "That's the first time we play together, and it feels great." As the Serbia national team advances in the World Cup, Petrusev's standout performance and the dynamic teamwork of the players continue to captivate basketball enthusiasts worldwide.

The synergy on display and the remarkable skills exhibited in the quarterfinal victory further solidify Serbia's presence as a formidable force on the international basketball stage. If you appreciate our coverage, consider showing your support. Your feedback fuels our dedication to delivering top-notch sports reporting.