Gilbert Arenas Claims NBA Vet Twisted His Mocking Remarks

Recent podcast episodes spark unexpected NBA veteran showdown.

by Faizan Chaudhary
Gilbert Arenas Claims NBA Vet Twisted His Mocking Remarks
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Former Washington Wizards standout, Gilbert Arenas, who took a step back from the NBA spotlight over ten years ago, has remained a noteworthy voice in the basketball universe. His outspoken nature, combined with candid revelations on his podcast, has often sparked headlines.

The latest episode centers around a contentious take on a 7x NBA champion, leading to a spirited exchange between the two NBA veterans. The situation gained traction when Arenas was prompted with a hypothetical: James Harden’s hefty $300 million contract without an NBA championship ring or the comparatively modest $54 million contract of a 7x NBA titleholder.

While picking Harden's deal, Arenas seemingly diminished the illustrious legacy of the Laker legend, Robert Horry. However, the narrative took another twist. On his 'No Chill Gil Podcast', Arenas aired a snippet featuring Horry, wherein the latter accused Arenas of depicting him as merely riding the “coattails” of his teams.

In a surprising turn, one of Horry's co-hosts refuted the claim, an intervention Arenas was quick to acknowledge. “Thank you, white man,” Arenas chuckled in the backdrop. To clarify his stance, Arenas stressed, “I did not say he was hanging on other people’s coattails”.

He felt Horry was misconstruing his words. Furthermore, not to leave any ambiguity about his sentiments, Arenas cheekily questioned the origin of Horry's moniker, “Big Shot Bob”. To spotlight the ongoing saga, Arenas took to social media, humorously distorting Horry’s nickname, and even branding a YouTube link as “Lying Azz Bob”.

This basketball tiff isn't a new occurrence. Arenas had previously commented, “He [Horry] has seven championships… he was just a dude on a team”. This didn’t sit well with the 53-year-old Horry. On his own podcast, ‘Big Shot Bob Pod with Robert Horry’, he discussed how his wife also took offense.

Although Horry expressed an intent to rise above the controversy, his words, “I don’t argue with idiots,” echoed a different sentiment.

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