Stephen Curry's Few Ejections Cost Him Over 200k in NBA Fines

NBA Star Stephen Curry's On-Court Moments Garner Attention

by Zain ul Abedin
Stephen Curry's Few Ejections Cost Him Over 200k in NBA Fines
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Renowned for his ice-cool demeanor on the court, Stephen Curry's effortless style of dismantling opponents often belies the fiery competitiveness that simmers beneath. The unshakable calm he exhibits, a quality that has earned him distinction, is precisely what propels him to shine during crucial moments.

Revered for his composed disposition, Curry's reputation as a player with an indomitable killer instinct has been hard-earned. Yet, the unrelenting demands of the NBA, a grueling league that tests even the steadiest souls, have occasionally stirred his emotions to the surface.

Delving into the fines imposed on Stephen Curry and the reasons behind them offers insight into this facet of his career. A measured assessment of Curry's journey reveals that, in his illustrious 13-year stint in the NBA, he has been ejected on only three occasions—a relatively modest tally.

However, his record isn't entirely unblemished. Casting our minds back to the 2013 season, we find an instance where Curry found himself in the crosshairs of the league's disciplinary action. His involvement in escalating tensions between David Lee of the Warriors and Roy Hibbert of the Pacers prompted the league to intervene.

Curry's Aggressive Involvement Amplifies Skirmish

The incident unfolded during a skirmish for a rebound after a missed shot by David West. Frustration led Lee to push Hibbert away, a gesture reciprocated by the Pacers' center.

As tempers flared and players moved to defuse the situation, Curry charged at Hibbert in an agitated manner, an action deemed to exacerbate the fracas. The league responded by imposing a fine of $35,000, recognizing Curry's role in inflaming the altercation.

This incident transpired during a pivotal juncture when the Warriors were still in the process of forging their identity, much like the Pacers. A recurring theme in Curry's disciplinary history involves his penchant for discarding his mouthpiece when vexed.

A gesture that has become emblematic of his on-court presence, throwing his mouthpiece is an act of frustration that has garnered considerable attention, and fines. The inaugural instance materialized during the 2016 NBA Finals, with the Warriors squaring off against the Cavaliers in Game 6.

Curry's irritation at being down 12 points against the Cavs led to an ill-fated throw of his mouthpiece, inadvertently striking a fan and resulting in his ejection. The aftermath of this incident left Curry lighter by $25,000.

However, his costliest fine stemmed from an encounter with a referee in 2017. Following a lay-up during a game against the Grizzlies, Curry unleashed his frustration on the official, flinging his mouthpiece with intent. This momentary lapse cost him a staggering $50,000—the most substantial fine of his career.

The most recent repetition of this behavior occurred in 2023, again against the Grizzlies. In a seemingly incongruent act, Curry ejected his mouthguard following a missed three-pointer by Jordan Poole, despite his team holding a two-point lead.

This display of frustration incurred a $25,000 fine. When scrutinizing the cumulative effect of these infractions, it becomes evident that Curry has incurred fines totaling $221,000. A significant portion of this sum can be attributed to his three ejections, a category to which he added during a post-game interview in 2019 when he voiced his criticism of the referees.

The lesson that emerges is clear: even the serene and poised Curry can find himself entangled in moments of heated emotion, offering a reminder that no player, regardless of their composure, is entirely immune to the rigors of NBA competition.

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