Warriors aiming to allow 50% fan capacity at Chase Center

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Warriors aiming to allow 50% fan capacity at Chase Center

Golden State Warriors owner Joe Lacob has an ambitious plan of how to allow a 50 percent fan capacity at Chase Center for the upcoming season as he is willing to spend upward of $30 million on testing every fan, Warriors employee and player with the most accurate form of COVID-19 testing.

The NBA suspended the league on March 11 due to the coronavirus outbreak, and when it restarted in late-July inside the bubble that was set up in Orlando, fans weren't allowed to attend games. "I not only want to get this done and show the world how we can do it now, I'm willing to spend the money to do it," Lacob said, per ESPN.

"This is a serious, serious problem. It cannot go on for multiple years ... because if this were to go on for several years, the NBA is no more. "You cannot sustain this league with no fans. You can do it for a year. We'll all get by for a year.

But suppose we're in this situation next year. Now we're talking some serious, serious financial damage to a lot of people."

Warriors owner Lacob just wants a chance

Lacob is ready to prove the science behind his plan and he hopes city and state public health officials will give the green light to his plan after hearing what he has to say.

"Let us prove the concept. Let us use our money, our resources, our seven-eight months of work, our expertise to prove the concept," Lacob said. "That's what I'm trying to get the state, the city and the government to entertain.

"This [rapid PCR] test is orders of magnitude more accurate than the [rapid antigen] test at the [White House] Rose Garden event. This is the best you can do. A lot of people don't even know these tests exist yet, and they are ramping them up.

"By springtime, the rapid PCR tests will be manufactured in amounts nearing 100,000 per day by some of these companies. But I'm trying to show the world, trying to show the sports world in particular, and California, a way to do this.

A safe way to have people come to an event and be totally safe walking in that building. The numbers bear it out." The Warriors, who were hampered by injuries like no other team in the NBA last year, are hoping to bounce back this season and make a deep playoff run.