WWE Challenged to Surpass AEW All In Wembley Numbers, Says Dave Meltzer

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WWE Challenged to Surpass AEW All In Wembley Numbers, Says Dave Meltzer
WWE Challenged to Surpass AEW All In Wembley Numbers, Says Dave Meltzer © MMA Junkie/YouTube

The pro-wrestling landscape saw a seismic shift yesterday as AEW's All-In event unfolded at Wembley Stadium. A gathering of 81,035 eager fans and a staggering gate collection of over $10 million bore testament to the event's grandeur.

Given the overwhelming success of the show, AEW wasted no time in announcing a sequel scheduled for the same iconic venue next year. However, the spectacle wasn't just a source of elation for the AEW community; it sparked speculations and discussions about the response from its main competitor, WWE.

Dave Meltzer, a respected voice in the wrestling community, dissected the situation in the most recent segment of "Wrestling Observer Radio." He contemplated WWE's potential strategy in responding to AEW's Wembley success and highlighted the hurdles WWE might encounter in outdoing AEW's attendance figures at the venue.

Dave Meltzer Doubts WWE Wembley Turnout

Dave Meltzer remarked, "While WWE might be contemplating hosting an event at Wembley unless they opt for a significantly smaller stage akin to their usual WrestleMania setup, the chances of surpassing AEW's audience number seem slim.

Although WWE might announce a larger turnout, the ground reality might depict a different story." He further elaborated on alternatives for WWE, "Estadio Azteca in Mexico City is a feasible option, given its capacity to accommodate over 87,000 fans.

However, revenue generation might pose a challenge due to pricing constraints in the region. Achieving an attendance of 85,000 with the typical sprawling WrestleMania setup is undeniably a Herculean task." Interestingly, the conversation took a twist when the spotlight shifted to Estadio Azteca.

The renowned soccer arena in Mexico City has recently been on the radar of wrestling bigwigs. AEW World Champion MJF and the promotion's owner, Tony Khan, expressed their eagerness to host an AEW spectacle there, as revealed in the post-show media interaction following All In.

It remains to be seen how WWE reacts to this challenge, but one thing's for certain: the wrestling world is eagerly watching, and competition has never been more fierce.