Steve Kerr Becomes Partial Owner of LaLiga Team Mallorca

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Steve Kerr Becomes Partial Owner of LaLiga Team Mallorca
Steve Kerr Becomes Partial Owner of LaLiga Team Mallorca © Wikimedia Commons

Golden State Warriors' legendary head coach, Steve Kerr, known for his prowess on the NBA court, is charting a new course: he's diving deep into the heart of European soccer. On Tuesday, the LaLiga club, Real Mallorca, confirmed that Kerr has become one of its shareholders.

A Shakeup in Ownership

In a recent restructuring of Real Mallorca's ownership, president Andy Kohlberg emerged as the majority shareholder, succeeding former Phoenix Suns owner Robert Sarver. This restructuring paved the way for Kerr's exciting venture into European football.

Recounting the beginnings of this partnership, Kerr shared, "Andy Kohlberg and I have been friends for many years. We were together this summer. He told me there was a shift in the ownership group and he offered me the chance to be part of the new investment group." Having already caught the Real Mallorca fever during a visit last summer, for Kerr, this wasn't just an investment on paper.

It was personal. "I was so excited, having been in Mallorca last summer watching a game, following the team and becoming a fan. It was a really exciting opportunity and I jumped at it." However, Kohlberg, with a cheeky remark, mentioned another incentive for Kerr: "He told me it was an excuse to spend a week or two in August every summer in Mallorca.

That was the main motivation, I think!"

From NBA Triumphs to LaLiga Dreams

Kerr's excellence in the NBA world is well-documented. As a player, he clinched five NBA championships, and as a coach, he added four more titles to his collection between 2015 and 2022.

This association with Real Mallorca is set to be an interesting chapter in Kerr's storied career. During his initial visit to Mallorca in 2022, not only did he enjoy the soccer game, but he also had an opportunity to address the first-team squad.

Now, as an involved stakeholder, Kerr's commitment to the team shines through. "Becoming a Mallorca fan last year and becoming involved now with the team, I'm going to be watching LaLiga games all year," he declared. For Kerr, it's not just about numbers or finances.

It's about heart, commitment, and the essence of teamwork. Reflecting on the core values, he emphasized, "The most important thing is the culture within the team every day. Is everybody pulling in the same direction? I know that's a culture that is being instituted in Mallorca, and obviously, it's paying off so well."

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