Lakers' LeBron James: We were ready to leave NBA bubble after Bucks boycott

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Lakers' LeBron James: We were ready to leave NBA bubble after Bucks boycott

Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James revealed he and his teammates were ready to leave the NBA bubble after the Milwaukee Bucks protest. Following the shooting of Jacob Blake -- an unarmed African-American man who was shot seven times by police -- the Bucks made a decision to boycott their first round game against the Orlando Magic.

Shortly after the Bucks protest, the rest of the games scheduled for the day were called off and the NBA Playoffs were suspended for a few days before resuming as the players were contemplating to boycott the rest of the postseason.

"When Milwaukee did what they did — and rightfully so — we understood that there was no way none of use could go on the floor. We stand as a brotherhood, we are a brotherhood in our league and we stood with the Milwaukee Bucks and what they wanted to do.

But there was a time where we were ready to leave, too. The Lakers, myself included, we were ready to leave. We were trying to figure out if we leave, or if we stay, what is our plan? What is our call for action? I’m lucky enough to have a friend — the 44th President — that allowed us to get on the phone with him and get guidance," James said on The Shop, as quoted on Lakers Nation.

James underlined it was a challenging season

James led the Lakers to their 17th NBA title and also captured his fourth NBA title with a third different team but being away from his family for three months was extremely tough.

"This was very challenging, and very difficult," James said shortly after winning the title. "It played with your mind, and it played with your body. You're away from some of the things you're so accustomed to [that] make you the professional you are.

"This is right up there with one of the greatest accomplishments I have." James also said the doubters fueled him. "I think, personally, thinking I have something to prove fuels me," James said. "And it fueled me over this last year and a half since my injury.

"It fueled me because no matter what I've done in my career up until this point, there's still rumblings of doubt, or comparing me to the history of the game, and, 'Has he done this? Has he done that?' "So, having that in my head, having that in my mind, saying to myself, 'Why not still have something to prove?' I think it fuels me."