Rising Star Leads the Select Team to Victory at Team USA's Training Camp

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Rising Star Leads the Select Team to Victory at Team USA's Training Camp
Rising Star Leads the Select Team to Victory at Team USA's Training Camp

As the second day of Team USA's training camp came to a close, a surprising victor emerged from the closely-watched scrimmages: the Select Team. This underdog group, comprised of young players and a few seasoned veterans, was brought in to help the senior group, the 12-man roster headed to the FIBA World Cup later this month, get game-ready.

It wasn't the first time that this 'David vs. Goliath' situation has occurred in the history of USA Basketball.

A Time-Honored Tradition

According to Team USA coach Steve Kerr, scrimmages against the Select Team are a "time-honored tradition in USA Basketball." He fondly remembered the infamous 1992 scrimmage when Grant Hill and Bobby Hurley led the Select Team to a shocking victory over the revered Dream Team.

A similar event took place before the 2019 World Cup, when the Select Team "came in and kicked our butts." "The whole point is to get great talent to come in and challenge you in every way," Kerr stated, expressing satisfaction with the Select Team's performance.

"And that's what the Select Team did today. It's good stuff."

Cade Cunningham: From Injury to Impressive Comeback

The rising star leading the Select Team to their victory was none other than Detroit Pistons guard Cade Cunningham.

His impressive performance is particularly noteworthy considering that he underwent surgery last season to repair a stress fracture in his left leg, limiting his play to only 12 games. Now fully recovered, Cunningham expressed his joy at being back on the court, pain-free.

"I feel great," he said, emphasizing the thrill of being part of an environment playing at a high level. "I think the biggest difference is that I can just play freely and not think about my body too much." Cunningham confirmed that he maintained his preferred playing weight of 220 pounds despite gaining muscle mass and assured that his leg was no longer a concern.

With his health restored and renewed vigor, Cunningham is looking forward to returning to Detroit and kicking off the training camp later this year. He expressed excitement about working with incoming Coach Williams and the new young recruits.

"I think Coach Williams coming in, I feel like that's the best-case scenario for us, and we got it done," he declared, showing confidence in his team's prospects. "The young guys that we got coming in are really going to help us. They're great players on the court and also really good people. So, it should be a fun year."