Luka Doncic’s New Physique: Dallas Mavericks Star Gets Into Top Shape


Luka Doncic’s New Physique: Dallas Mavericks Star Gets Into Top Shape
Luka Doncic’s New Physique: Dallas Mavericks Star Gets Into Top Shape

As the basketball season approaches, athletes across the globe are prepping to face off on the court, but one player is making headlines with his impressive transformation. Luka Dončić, the Slovenian sensation who is a leading figure of the NBA team Dallas Mavericks, has emerged fitter than ever, heeding the guidance from his team's management.

Unveiling a Fitter Dončić

Photos recently circulating from the Slovenian national team’s training show a visibly leaner Dončić, a testament to his rigorous off-season regime. He has reportedly shed significant weight, successfully reaching the team's target of 104 kilograms.

Last year, following the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2021, the point guard returned to Dallas weighing 118 kilograms. However, it's not just his weight loss that's drawing attention; his enhanced fitness level underscores a period of dedicated individual training and strict dietary discipline during the summer break.

Jason Kidd's Witness to Transformation

Jason Kidd, Dončić's coach from the Dallas Mavericks, also bore witness to this transformation during his visit to the Slovenian national team's training camp. The legendary coach could see firsthand the effects of Dončić's renewed dedication to his physical condition.

Last season, Dončić's performance was nothing short of spectacular, averaging 32.4 points, 8.6 rebounds, and eight assists with a shooting percentage nearing the 50 percent mark. Yet, his improved fitness level sets a precedent for an even more phenomenal season.

Implications for the Upcoming Season

Tim Cato, a journalist with The Athletic, confidently suggests that Dončić's preparation for the FIBA Basketball World Cup won’t leave him out of shape for the upcoming NBA season. "I absolutely believe he’ll start next season looking as good as he’s ever been,” Cato wrote.

However, Cato recognizes that maintaining this level of fitness throughout the grueling NBA season is the real challenge. "Keeping that up for an entire season is the hard part. I believe he can, but it won’t be shown in the number of stairs run, or weights and bars pressed this summer.

It’ll be the quiet, unsung maintenance of those newfound habits when the grind of the sport’s long season is most taxing."

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