LeBron's son Bronny James collapses on the field of cardiac arrest

LeBron James' son, Bronny, suffered a cardiac arrest during a workout at the University of Southern California

by Lorenzo Ciotti
LeBron's son Bronny James collapses on the field of cardiac arrest

"Bronny James went into cardiac arrest yesterday. Medical staff were able to provide him with first aid and transport him to hospital. He is now in stable condition and out of intensive care." With these shocking words, a spokesman for the James family said LeBron James's son suffered a cardiac arrest.

The fact was heppened during a workout at the University of Southern California. The 18-year-old fell ill on the field on Monday, and was immediately rescued and transported to hospital. The news only came out on Tuesday. His conditions are now stable and the boy is out of intensive care.

Bronny is a freshman on the USC team. According to the sports press, Bronny has the numbers to follow in the footsteps of his father in the NBA, considered one of the best basketball players of all time and currently engaged with the Los Angeles Lakers team.

LeBron wrote on Instagram following the news that his son would be attending USC: "I'm damn proud of you guys. I have no words other than I love you."
Latest on LeBron James is preparing to start his 21st season in the top basketball league and sixth with the Lakers.

Among his goals, as well as a dream, is to be on the field with his son: "My last year will be with my son. Wherever Bronny is, I'll be there. I'll do anything to play with my son for a year. It won't be a question of money at that point." The event that occurred to Bronny James in part resembles what happened to Damar Hamlin, a football player for the Buffalo Bills: last January, the 25-year-old suffered a cardiac arrest after a game collision during a game and was hospitalized for over a week.

In May, doctors gave him the all-clear to return to play.
Hamlin was among the first to express his closeness to Bronny and the James family on his social networks. Respect for privacy was then requested, while both LeBron and his wife Savannah expressed their gratitude to the medical staff of the University of California.

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