NBA Commissioner Adam Silver: "We will stop with a peak of infection"

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NBA Commissioner Adam Silver: "We will stop with a peak of infection"

The countdown has started: NBA is ready to start again in Orlando from 30 July. However, the data of the global pandemic in the United States continues to worry even the NBA champions. So far, there have been sixteen cases of virus positive among the teams, small numbers compared to the wave with which the infection is moving in the USA, with over two and a half million people tested positive.

Adam Silver, NBA commissioner, admits however that he is ready to stop everything again in the event of a spike in infections: "We do the tests every day, we do not have a threshold number but if the infections were to grow significantly on campus this could oblige to stop.

We will see day by day, if it will be isolated cases it is an account. We will have to understand how the virus circulates in our environment. In case of important numbers we will stop, we cannot think of escaping from the virus, "he said

Silver: "Virus unpredictable, ready to change plans"

Florida has 152,000 positives, almost 9,000 in Orange County where Disney World is located, the bubble site that will host the resumption of the basketball championship.

Silver believes that the measures taken so far have shown satisfactory results, but if there was any change for the worse the stop would be the only solution: "We don't push the foot on the accelerator, let's say.

If there is one thing we have learned it is that the virus is unpredictable. If conditions lead us to do so, we can change our plans." In a week the first teams will move to Orlando, where the season should end with eight games plus the playoffs, from July 30th to mid-October: "We never think of going ahead regardless of everything.

Honestly I'm not sure of how many cases are needed. We have a group of scientists, doctors and experts who collaborate with us. We will proceed step by step: certainly if there were many cases we will stop. I am absolutely convinced that staying inside the campus will be safer than staying outside: I'm not at current of many situations in which there are mass buffers on asymptomatic employees.

Therefore ours could also be a model for other industries that intend to reopen." NBA is ready to come back to play. In a week the first teams will move to Disney World, in Florida, in the Orlando bubble for the restart on July 30th.

There are many situations that will be evaluated in this month, considering the trend of the global pandemic in Florida and in the rest of the USA, but if all goes well we will see the most atypical season in the history of the NBA.