Jeff Teague: I'm a winner, I want to sign with a contender

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Jeff Teague: I'm a winner, I want to sign with a contender

Free agent guard Jeff Teague says he would love to sign with a contender this offseason as he admits he would prefer not to sign with a team that's going through a rebuilding and developing young players. Teague, who was drafted by the Atlanta Hawks in 2009, left the team in 2016 but returned to Atlanta in January after the Hawks and Minnesota Timberwolves agreed on a trade.

In 2015, Teague was nominated to his first NBA All Star and that same season the Hawks made the Eastern Conference Finals before losing to the LeBron James-led Cleveland Cavaliers. "Honestly, I just want to go to a team where we’re playing to win.

I want to win. Like you’ve said, I’ve been to the playoffs for the first nine years of my career. That’s all I know is winning, competing, and trying to get to that ultimate goal of a championship. That’s what I want to play for is to win.

If that’s starting or coming off the bench, I just want to play a significant role in winning. That’s really it for me. I know if I get a chance to play and compete, I’m going to play well. I’m not really worried about an exact situation, or I need to be able to start or whatever.

I just know if I can get on a team and we’re going to win, I’m going to help in any way, and I’ll affect us winning," Teague told HoopsHype.

Teague insists the team that signs him won't regret

Teague was once one of the star players on the Hawks roster but now he is 32 years old and Atlanta is focused on developing its talented young core.

Teague's best days are behind him but he is confident that he can still be a valuable asset to a team that's aiming to win an NBA Championship. "I think everyone knows I’m going to compete. I’m a winner.

I have no issues off the court. I’m going to come to work every day. The biggest thing is I’m willing to help. I’m a basketball junkie. I live in the gym. I watch ball all day. I can talk ball all day. I get along with all the young guys.

Me and the young guys have strong relationships on most of the teams I’ve played on. I like to take them under my wing and try to be a leader to them. I’m going to compete, I’m going to play at a high level, and I’m going to be there every day," Teague claimed.