Phoenix Suns and Mercury Bring Their Games to Free Broadcast Television

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Phoenix Suns and Mercury Bring Their Games to Free Broadcast Television
Phoenix Suns and Mercury Bring Their Games to Free Broadcast Television

In an industry-shifting move, the Phoenix Suns and Phoenix Mercury are set to broadcast their games on free television, an unexpected decision following their regional sports network partner's refusal to match a competing offer.

The progressive move looks to redefine how fans can tune into their favorite teams and promises to usher in a new era of accessibility in the sports industry.

Suns Owner Mat Ishbia: "An Industry-Shifting Partnership"

Suns owner Mat Ishbia confirmed the news, expressing his excitement about the novel partnership with Gray Television.

This agreement comes on the back of a significant offseason, characterized by various promising moves aimed at reinforcing the strength of the Suns team. "I am excited to be able to deliver to our Suns and Mercury fans this industry-shifting partnership with Gray Television," said Ishbia.

"We've had an incredible offseason, making a lot of exciting moves to build the championship-caliber Suns team our fans want. Now, this deal gives more than 2.8 million homes across Arizona access to Suns and Mercury games for free."

At the Forefront of a Broadcast Revolution

This forward-thinking decision may indicate the dawn of a new trend within the industry.

The Suns and Mercury aren't alone in looking to make their games more accessible. The Utah Jazz recently announced similar intentions, intending to transition their games to a free local station after 15 years of non-national TV games being broadcast on a regional sports network.

Additionally, the Jazz are planning to establish a direct-to-consumer streaming option. Ishbia proudly acknowledged the role of the Suns and Mercury in spearheading this shift. "I am proud that we are at the forefront of this shift to make the game more accessible," Ishbia stated, "which not only serves our fan base, but also helps to build future NBA and WNBA fans." It will be fascinating to observe the impact of these developments on both fan engagement and the broader sports industry.

Undoubtedly, moves such as these, if successful, could set a new standard, making professional sports more reachable for fans and potential fans alike, irrespective of their geographic or economic status.

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